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AnTuTu: Xiaomi Mi 9 dominates top 10 best performing smartphones

AnTuTu updated their list of top 10 best performing devices through their benchmark tool. 
AnTuTu: Xiaomi Mi 9 dominates Top 10
AnTuTu: Xiaomi Mi 9 dominates Top 10

Top 10 Android devices in AnTuTu

Xiaomi Mi 9 dominates the top 2 spots
Xiaomi Mi 9 dominates the top 2 spots

Checking out the list, we see Xiaomi dominating at the top two spots. We have the Mi 9 Transparent Edition and the standard Mi 9 who got scores of 372,072 and 371,378, respectively. 

Xiaomi Mi 9 highlights the 7nm CPU: 2.84GHz 64-bit Snapdragon 855 octa-core processor along with th Adreno 640 GPU. 

For the third spot, we see Vivo's sub brand device, the iQOO Monster, with a score of 365,430. Coming in at fourth and fifth places are the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and S10. The Galaxy S10+ got a score of 359,987 while the S10 got 359,217.

The Vivo iQOO is at number six with a score of 356,510 points. We also see the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT at 7th with a score of 348,591. Lenovo has been fairly quiet in the Philippines but they seem to be making noise in other regions. 

Meanwhile, the Red Devils Mars E-sports Mobile is on the eighth with a score of 315,200. Going by its name, the Mars E-sports Mobile is geared towards gaming performance.

At ninth place, we have the Glory V20 with a score of 306,306. Rounding up the top 10, we have the Huawei Mate 20 X with a score of 303,174.

It is amazing that Xiaomi Mi 9 bested their pricier competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and S10 as well as the Huawei Mate 20 X. Remember that the Mi 9 has a beastly price of PHP 22,990 to PHP 24,990.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 is one bang-for-the-buck device if we look at these scores.

What do you guys think?

Source: AnTuTu
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