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Intel launches 10nm 10th Gen Ice Lake CPUs with Thunderbolt 3 support

Intel announced their new 10nm, tenth generation Ice Lake CPUs. Among its new features are faster integrated graphics and integrated Thunderbolt 3 support.
Intel launches 10nm 10th Gen Ice Lake CPUs with Thunderbolt 3 support
Intel launches 10nm 10th Gen Ice Lake CPUs with Thunderbolt 3 support

10nm PC CPUs? Take our money!

Intel has been making up for its blunders from 2018. The year should have been celebrated since it was the 50th birthday of the company. However, the company took big blows as they lost their CEO that year, they got hit by Spectre and Meltdown and they seemed to have soured their relationship with Apple as well.

Biggest of all, they also faced big hurdles as they attempted to trim down the size of their processors to 10nm. 2019 proved to be shaping up more positively as they already succeeded in delivering their first batch of 10 nanometer CPUs to the world. Dubbed "Ice Lake" here are a few important details you need to know.

There are 3 variants with Core i3, i5, and i7. The chips will up to 4 cores and 8 threads, an LL Cache Size of up to 8MB and support LP4/x memory up to 3733Mhz and DDR4 memory up ti 3200Mhz.

Max turbo frequency is up to 4.1GHz. There will be improved integrated graphics with Intel Iris Plus up to 64EU and better Intel UHD graphics with speeds up to 1.1GHz. Last but not the least, there is integrated Thunderbolt 3 support for up to 4 ports.

The new 10nm CPUs will be coming to thin laptops and tablets first before moving in to the beefier desktop PCs. There are 30 more designs coming to the market this holiday season according to the chipmaker.

Ice Lake is said to be 18 percent faster than the previous generation. This is impressive since you are putting it side-by-side with the fast Skylake processors. Couple this improvements with their faster integrated GPUs and we can expect big gains in performance. It will also now support 5K monitors at 60Hz or a 4K 120Hz monitor with VESA adaptive sync for less motion blur and screen tearing.

It will also have support for WiFi 6 and Thunderbolt 3 support out of the box. However, manufacturers still need to buy additional components to make it work for their computers. However, Intel believes that this is a small price to utilize these useful tech.

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Source: The Verge
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