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iPhone XS vs HONOR 8C Camera Comparison - Can a budget phone compete?

For just PHP 7,990, HONOR equipped the 8C with good AI-assisted cameras. But is it good enough to compete with a high-end phone?
iPhone XS vs HONOR 8C Camera Comparison - Can a budget phone compete?
Team iPhone XS or team HONOR 8C?

In case you are wondering, we tested and compared its cameras against a true high-end phone, the iPhone XS.

iPhone XS vs HONOR 8C Camera Specs

Device iPhone XSHONOR 8C
Back Camera 12MP f/1.8 + 12MP f/2.4 w/ 2x optical zoom, OIS, laser AF, PDAF, and quad LED flash  13MP f/1.8 + 2MP f/2.4 w/ PDAF, Master AI, and LED flash
Selfie Camera 7MP w/ f/2.2 w/ screen flash 8MP f/2.0 w/ LED flash

On paper, HONOR 8C has the main and selfie cameras with the higher megapixel size. Its back camera also has AI recognize and optimize over 500 scenes in 22 different categories.
iPhone XS camera UI
iPhone XS camera UI

But we also considered the larger sensor size, high-end focus system, more advanced image processor, and software of the iPhone XS.
HONOR 8C camera UI
HONOR 8C camera UI

Anyway, here are our shots!

iPhone XS vs HONOR 8C Camera Comparison

Scene 1 - Bright daylight
The first scene showed that the HONOR 8C delivered the brighter looking image. But it has overexposed highlights and unnatural colder hues versus the iPhone XS. Obviously, details, colors, contrast, and dynamic range looks better on the XS shot.

Scene 2 - Daylight 2
8C did better in this scene with nicer looking colors compared in the first scene. But again, the warmer tone from the iPhone XS is more accurate. Details, highlights and exposure control are better as well.

Scene 3 - Indoor food

HONOR 8C's AI detected the food and added reds and saturation to make the shot look tastier. However, it is a bit overexposed and unnatural looking against the food shot by XS.

Scene 4 - Low light 1
iPhone's low light shot looks more natural with less noise, but 8C's night shot doesn't look that bad! In fact, it is quite impressive for a budget phone. It comes with good details, warm colors, and well controlled highlights.

Scene 5 - Low light 2
iPhone XS rendered the colors naturally with sharper details once more. 8C's night shot has more noise, but it looks brighter with wider dynamic range. iPhone XS wins, but 8C's shot is not bad.

Scene 7 - Selfie daylight

XS's field of view is narrower than 8C, but it is better in nearly every aspect. Details are sharper and colors are more accurate with the XS. My skin looks paler and a bit violetish with 8C.

Scene 7 - Selfie dim indoor
The output from the 8C here is impressive for a budget phone! At least I can get a social media ready selfie. iPhone's selfie is just on a different league.

Scene 8 - Selfie low light
HONOR 8C's selfie in low light is brighter which is nice for a budget phone. But iPhone's low light selfie is more detailed with better colors.


Apple's iPhone XS did the better job with most of our shots. It captured images with crisp details, great color accuracy, and more. The reason behind that is its superior camera hardware, image processor, and post processing software. Besides, it is a phone with a whopping PHP 67,990 starting price.

BUT for a phone that is priced at just PHP 7,990, the 8C can shoot decent images with bright exposure. It even has AI to optimize your shots.

HONOR 8C's cameras will have a hard time against high-end camera phones, but for its price, it is more than good enough.

It is one of the phones to get if you want a camera that shoots respectable images on a tight budget.
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