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Huawei bags "Best 5G Core Network Technology" award

Despite facing problems involving the US government, Huawei proved anew it offers the best technology after bagging the "Best 5G Core Network Technology" award at the 5G World Summit 2019 in London. 
Huawei bags Best 5G Core Network Technology

As 5G technology sets to dominate the industry, the Chinese tech giant continues to show its prowess even at the height of the US ban on Huawei. 

Huawei's 5G network has the capacity to support all-cloud-based key technologies such as three-layer decoupling, stateless design, cross-DC deployment, microservices, and A/B test. 

The network is built on leading cloud native, connectivity+, and edge computing technologies and is the industry's first core network to support 2G/3G/4G/5G NSA/5G SA in-depth convergence. 

It provides a Single Voice Core simplified voice solution and a CUPS-based distributed architecture that supports one-stop user plane plug and play, on-demand scheduling of heterogeneous edge computing resources, fast integration of third-party applications, and building of an open edge ecosystem, providing differentiated services and enabling thousands of industries.

We are honored to win this award. Huawei has continuously invested in 5G core network R&D to gain industry leading expertise in 5G technology. We collaborate with carriers and industry partners to continuously develop 5G applications in vertical industries, enable a thriving industry ecosystem, and make full preparation for the mature commercial use of 5G, said Ma Liang, director of the Huawei’s Cloud Core Network Product Mgmt. Dept.

For the first six months, Huawei already secured 46 commercial 5G contracts globally.

Huawei is committed to advancing this technology to better serve our customers with state-of-the-art solutions.

Source: Huawei
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