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5 hidden features of OPPO Reno's ColorOS 6

OPPO Reno is already an interesting smartphone design-wise, but ColorOS 6 has tricks that can make it stand out more.
How to make your smartphone stand out with the OPPO Reno
How to make your smartphone stand out with the OPPO Reno?

5 hidden features of OPPO Reno's ColorOS 6

ColorOS 6 has some new features that take advantage of Reno's panoramic screen. It also has a refreshed interface from home screen layout, app icons, font sizes, and background colors. Here are some tricks that ColorOS 6 has that can make the Reno a stand out experience.

1. Screen-Off Gestures - Convenience Aid is a new gesture control feature that allows users to set up specific gestures that can enable application even when the phone is locked. You can activate this by going to Settings > Convenience Aid > Gesture and Motion > Screen-Off Gestures > Activate Screen-Off Gestures. Specific actions such as the V gesture turns the flashlight on, O for the camera, and double-tap to turn the screen on to name a few.

2. Split-screen multitasking - The huge screen real estate is perfect for Split Screen multitasking. You can open two apps, such as Facebook and YouTube, at the same time. You can turn this option by going to Settings > App Split Screen > Turn on App Split Screen. You can now activate this feature by doing a three-finger swipe gesture.

3. Full-screen camera - You can use the whole panoramic screen as a full-screen viewfinder. Activate it in the camera app by going into normal photo mode > Settings icon > Photo Ratio > Full Screen. You can now use the whole screen without different toolbars.

4. Gesture selfie - You can also use hand gestures when taking a group selfie. Activate the hand gesture by going into the camera app's settings and switch Gesture to Take Photo option on. You can now raise your palm towards the camera to trigger a shot.

5. Smart Assistant - The Smart Assistant is also available that can create quick access shortcuts for Weather, Steps Tracker, Calendar, Quick Functions, and Favorite Contacts. You can go to Settings > Smart Services > Smart Assistant. You can then swipe right in the home screen to see the Smart Assistant Dashboard.

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