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Samsung Galaxy S8 helps in emergency rescue in Cebu

According to a report, Samsung's Galaxy S8 has just helped in saving the lifes of 16 foreign divers and 4 Filipinos from a maritime accident in Cebu.
Samsung Galaxy S8 helps in emergency rescue in Cebu
Samsung Galaxy S8 helped in emergency rescue in Cebu

Galaxy S8 saved lives from a boat accident

The incident happened on July 8 as 16 foreign divers and 4 Filipinos went on an island-hopping trip in Bogo City, Cebu. During their trip, the boat capsized sending the passengers into the waters.

A Canadian national named Jim Emdee found his Samsung Galaxy S8 submerged under the boat. Using his phone, he was able to phone for help. He was also able to provide an accurate location for the rescuers using the device's GPS. Within 30 minutes, they were rescued and returned to shore safely.

Emdee reached out to Samsung after the incident to thank the company's engineering team. He said that the device's advanced engineering was able to save them from danger. It was the only device that was able to function and connect during the incident.

Samsung advises users to turn on the GPS locator on their Galaxy smartphones while traveling especially if you are alone in remote areas.

There is a "Send SOS messages" feature that allows you to send emergency messages to designated contacts.

You can access it by going to Settings > Advanced features > Send SOS message.

Then, you can use it by tapping the power button three times and it will send an SOS message to up to four emergency contacts.

Source: Samsung
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