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Facebook Mobile: Welcome to the "Dark" Side

2019 is the year that dark mode became a trend as we saw it from numerous Google apps while Android Q and iOS 13 are expected to have this feature as well. According to Jane Manchun Wong, a tech blogger, and researcher, Facebook is testing a darker color scheme on the Android version of its app.
Facebook's Dark Mode sample image

The Dark Mode for Facebook and other updates

The Dark Mode has been spotted on Facebook for mobile but the company is still testing it and this is only functioning only in particular parts of the mobile app. Since this feature is in an early stage of development, the company will fine-tune it as time goes by so no available information about the release date yet. Jane Wong shared an image of what the redesign would look like, and it looks like it will benefit the users’ eyesight as the dark mode can protect from the white UI.

Another improvement made by Facebook this year is the launch of new features to its platform including "FB5", a fresh new design that is simpler, faster and more immersive than the previous versions. Apart from that, the company recently rebranded Instagram and WhatsApp to ‘Instagram from Facebook’ and ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’ as it faces criticism from regulators about the privacy issues of its users’ information.

Lastly, Facebook’s Messenger Kids, a messenger designed for 6-to-12-year-old kids was released a week ago. But then, US lawmakers scrutinized Facebook because of the defect that allows children to chat with people lacking the approval of a parent or a guardian.

Is the Dark Mode a welcome improvement for you guys? What are your thoughts?

Source: FoneArena, CNET
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