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ISKOnek no more: Manila City FREE WiFi kiosk renamed MNLKonek

Just a few days after the first ISKOnek kiosk went live, the Manila Government has renamed the FREE WiFi project to MNLKonek.
Manila City changes name of free Wi-Fi and charging kiosk to MNLKonek
Photo via Philippine Star

Manila City changes the name of FREE WiFi and charging kiosk to MNLKonek

One of the first ICT-related projects of new Manila City mayor, Isko Moreno, ISKOnek went live on August 14, 2019. While the project was praised by many, it also drew flak for contradicting the Mayor's stand against politician's "epal" branding.

Two days later, the WiFi kiosk was rebranded as MNLKonek. The new name retains the word connect, but now is much more Manila city-embracing rather than being focused on the city mayor.

MNLKonek was made possible through a partnership with Eastern Communications. It has been reported that it was the connectivity solutions company that came up with the project's previous name.

MNLKonek will soon be set up in more areas of Manila, particularly near hospitals and schools. The WiFi, phone booth, and charging station in one is said to be capable of accommodating 100 users at a time for 30 minutes each and can provide up to 80mbps of internet speeds.

Nice on Yorme!

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