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TikTok partners with Hydro Manila Music Festival

TikTok partners with Hydro Manila Music Festival to give free VIP tickets through a special promotional event.
TikTok partners with Hydro Manila Music Festival
For a chance to win VIP tickets

TikTok X Hydro Manila Music Festival

Hydro Manila Music Festival is one of the biggest productions in the Philippines. It has great music festivals and festivals spanning into more than 20 events all over the Philippines. It is happening in the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on April 17, 2019. This year's biggest performers include Kamikazee and Silent Sanctuary.

To join TikTok's #HydroManilaChallenge, you need to have the app which is available in both iOS and Android. Then follow these steps:

1. Shoot a dance or hand gesture video with the song "We Make It Rain" that you can watch through this link. The video also needs to show the most creative way of getting wet or making it rain.

2. Share the video in TikTok with the hashtag #hydromanilachalleng and tag @hydromanila.

3. The promo will run from August 4 to August 17.

There will be one winner of All-Access tickets for two, one winner of 2 VIP tickets, two winners of 1 VIP ticket and, for consolation, there will be twenty winners of general admission tickets.

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