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IFA 2019: Huawei releases FreeBuds 3 TWS stereo earbuds with Kirin A1 audio chip!

At Huawei's IFA 2019 keynote, the Chinese tech titan released its newest true wireless earbuds along with the Kirin 990 chip, the FreeBuds 3.
IFA 2019: Huawei releases FreeBuds 3 TWS stereo earbuds with Kirin A1 audio chip!
 FreeBuds 3 in Ceramic White and Carbon Black

The intelligent TWS earphones?

FreeBuds 3 is the follow-up to the FreeBuds 2 at it is more innovative than ever. It is a TWS stereo earbuds with its own audio processor, the Kirin A1 chip.
356MHz Kirin A1 audio processor
356MHz Kirin A1 audio processor

It made it the world's first certified BT/BLE dual-mode Bluetooth 5.1 SoC with a patented BT-UHD transmission protocol for 6.5Mbps transmission speed.
Inside the FreeBuds 3
Inside the FreeBuds 3

Huawei FreeBuds 3 uses the company's Isochronous Dual Channel transmission technology for low latency and low power consumption and 356 MHz audio processor for stable and fast Bluetooth connectivity. It also promises accurate audio and video synchronization and can eliminate background noise and enhance voice during calls at the same time.

The earbuds come with a stylish round charging case with 410mAh battery capacity that can be charged via USB-C or Qi wireless charging. Changing time using the case is about 1 hour for the earbuds. The earbuds are rated for 4 hours on a single charge.

The earbuds itself highlights a "Dolphin Bionic Design" for more comfortable and stable fit in your ears. Inside, it has a large 14.2 mm dynamic driver designed to deliver great tunes. It also has a built-in bone voice sensor that can better pick up your voice through bone vibrations.

Huawei said that it is designed to make your voice cleared during phone calls and can reduce background noise.

It also has an Aerodynamic Mic Duct Design to suppress wind passing. It allows users to enjoy better calls even on a windy day. The company even claimed that it is great even for cycling at 20 km/h.

It also has an easy pairing feature with EMUI 10 devices. Just pop it up from the case and it will automatically pair to your phone. 

You can control the earbuds by double-tapping the right earpiece to play music, right to play switch music, and left to turn on and off ANC.

When you remove the earbuds the music or playback will stop and will resume after putting it back to your ears.

Huawei FreeBuds 3 Specs Specs

CPU: 356MHz Kirin A1 audio processor
Driver: 14.2mm dynamic driver
Microphone: Bone voice sensor
Battery: 30mAh per earpiece w/o case, 410mAh w/ case and 2W Qi wireless charging
Sensors: IR sensor
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1
Others: USB-C, ANC, double-tap control, pop-up and pair, Colors: carbon black, ceramic white
Dimensions: 41.5 x 20.4 x 17.8 mm (per earbud), 60.9 x 21.8 mm (case)
Weight: 4.5 g per earbud, 48 g w/ case
Price: PHP 8,990

According to Huawei FreeBuds 3 will be cheaper than the AirPods (PHP 9,490 starting price). But there's no price announced yet. It will be available soon.

Source: Huawei, Via: FoneArena
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