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TikTok partners with IFRC to initiate action against climate change

TikTok has just announced a partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to launch the #ForClimate challenge. It is a campaign that aims to spread awareness on climate change.
Join the TikTok #ForClimate challenge
Join the TikTok #ForClimate challenge

TikTok #ForClimate Challenge

From September 16 to 30th, TikTok users can raise awareness of climate change by using three stickers specifically designed for the campaign.

The stickers depict three extreme weather conditions: Rainstorm, Snowstorm, and Global Warming.

TikTok users can also take part in an interactive quiz where they can test their knowledge regarding environmental protection. The group could also share actions that they have done to help end the climate crisis. It has a quiz with 15 questions including ones relating to plastic bag ban and buying used goods.

TikTok can help spread the word about climate change through the #ForClimate challenge since it has users from 100+ countries including the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Poland, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Also, a TikTok representative will join hands with IFRC to present at the 2019 Climate Change Summit on September 22.

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