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Counterpoint: Top 5 phone brands in the Philippines revealed (Q3 2019)

Counterpoint Research has just revealed its latest data regarding the state of smartphones in the Philippines.
Counterpoint: Top 5 phone brands in the Philippines revealed (Q3 2019)
The Chinese brands have reached 57 percent of the total smartphone market share in the Philippines

According to the research firm, THE Chinese brands have reached 57 percent of the total smartphone sales in the country in Q3 2019, the highest ever level yet.
Philippines Smartphone Shipment Market Share
Philippines Smartphone Shipment Market Share

Counterpoint noted that the rise of the Chinese players is many due to the growth of Vivo, OPPO, and realme along with their efforts to grow share with new product launches, increased marketing, and distribution channel expansion.

The report also revealed the top 5 vendors in the country. Samsung is the top player with 21 percent of the market share with 6 percent YoY followed by OPPO with 20 percent, Vivo with 16 percent, Cherry Mobile with 15 percent, and Huawei with 5 percent.

The top 5 brands are equivalent to 81 percent of the total market share in the Philippines.

Top 5 phone brands in the Philippines (Q3 2019)

1. Samsung - 21 percent
2. OPPO - 20 percent
3. Vivo - 16 percent
4. Cherry Mobile - 15 percent
5. Huawei 9 - 9 percent

The reason why Samsung is so strong is the recent launch of the A10s, A20s, A30s, and A50s budget and mid-range phones. For OPPO, the A5s, A5, and A9 are the best sellers.V Vivo grew by 11 percent thanks to the sale of Y19 and Y19C Super Day sale on an online platform.

The impressive part? Cherry remained strong despite the onslaught from the Chinese brands. The Flare 8 series of the Filipino player managed to capture a 30 percent share in its total portfolio.

Huawei has declined by 26 percent YoYo due to the China-US trade ban that prevented the tech giant from shipping the Mate 30 series with pre-installed Google Mobile Services.

Newcomer realme has quickly entered the top 10 by capturing 4 percent of the market share. Realme made that possible by establishing a strong presence in both online and offline channels and by launching an array of highly-capable products for the price.

Xiaomi is also growing in the Philippines. It maintained its position within the top ten smartphone brands by dominating Shopee and Lazada's biggest online sales event. It also posted a strong performance in its Mi Authorized Stores.

Budget under USD 150 (around PHP 7K) captured almost two-thirds of the overall smartphone market in the Philippines.

Source: Counterpoint, Via: Revü
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