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OnePlus is working on a phone with 120Hz display

After the reveal of its concept phone with a "disappearing" camera and a new "worry-free" charging solution, OnePlus announced that it will introduce a display with next-level experience for its upcoming 2020 phone.
OnePlus is working on a phone with 120Hz display
120Hz display!

A game-changing smartphone display?

OnePlus shared it will be even smoother than the 90Hz screen with A+ rating from DisplayMate, a 120Hz panel.

OnePlus claimed that its upcoming 120Hz screen will be more than just specs. The brand promises that apart from it being the "smoothest" smartphone display, it will also deliver superior visual quality and viewing comfort.

According to OnePlus, its upcoming 120Hz Fluid Display will be the "best you'll lay eyes in 2020".

The new screen tech of OnePlus will be in collaboration with Samsung and they aim to create a unique AMOLED panel. Apart from the 120Hz refresh rate, it will come with a 240Hz touch sampling rate for an even more responsive touch experience.

It will even have an exclusive optimization solution to increase the rendering speed of a single frame by 7 percent.

Based on its internal tests, the new 120Hz screen has yielded significantly better results than other existing high refresh rate displays in the industry on measures of click response, scroll response, and accuracy.

OnePlus also knows that most video contents are still produced at either 24fps or 30fps. So, to deliver a smoother video playback, it uses MEMC technology like high-end TVs to insert additional frames to a video file up to 120fps.

For photographers, the company claimed it will offer true-to-life (ultra-accurate) colors with up to 1 billion shades of colors.

It is said to achieve an industry-leading JNCD ratio of 0.8 for every 120Hz Fluid Display.

The screen will also have support for 10-bit color (1,024 shades of each primary color and 1.07 billion possible colors) or 64 times as many colors than are supported on mainstream smartphone devices.

In addition, each screen will be automatically color-calibrated before release with an extra 30 seconds to production time.

For now, we do not know yet when we will see this. But we can expect it to launch with the upcoming OnePlus 8 phones.

Source: OnePlus
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