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OnePlus Concept One with "Invisible Camera" will debut at CES 2020

OnePlus is kicking off the new decade with the introduction of a new technology that has the potential to change the smartphone game.
OnePlus Concept One with “Invisible Camera” will debut on CES 2020
OnePlus Concept One will have disappearing cameras

CES 2020 will be graced by the OnePlus Concept One with "Invisible Camera"

OnePlus is ready to heat up the CES 2020 show floor with the unveiling of its new concept phone, Concept One. A week before its debut, the brand took to its Twitter account to share a sneak peek of the device.

The video teaser shows the Concept One’s seamless back, which appears to be devoid of the standard rear camera setup. As the phone’s back view slightly changes angle, a triple camera setup comes into view.

OnePlus touts this "Invisible Camera," which is made possible by the color-shifting glass. OnePlus, in an exclusive interview with Wired, shared that the Concept One takes inspiration from McLaren 720S Supercar’s optional sunroof that’s built with electrochromic glass technology. This smart glass can basically turn from clear to opaque at will.
OnePlus Concept One design sketch shared to Wired
OnePlus Concept One design sketch shared to Wired

In the same way, OnePlus utilizes this technology so that the Concept One’s cameras are hidden in plain view, giving way to a no-bump, seamless back design. Once you open the camera app, you may see hints of the camera lenses but not completely.

OnePlus also revealed in the interview that the Concept One will share the rear camera specs of the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren phone: 48MP main and 16-MP ultra-wide-angle cameras.

The Concept One will be revealed on January 7, 2020, CES Las Vegas and may not be available commercially as it is just a concept for now. However, it’s highly likely for future OnePlus phones to have the “invisible camera” feature.

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Source: Wired, GSMArena
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