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PLDT Global wins at Pacific Telecommunication Council Awards

PLDT Global Corporation won two major awards at the Pacific Telecommunications Council Awards 2020 which was held in Honolulu, Hawaii.
PGC's Edith Gomez receiving the award for Outstanding Applications Company
PGC's Edith Gomez receiving the award for Outstanding Applications Company

PLDT Global won two major awards

PGC's James Melon receiving the Outstanding Customer-Facing Innovation award
PGC's James Melon receiving the Outstanding Customer-Facing Innovation award

The awards were mainly for PLDT's innovations to assist OFWs and their families. There were dozens of international carriers and tech companies invited at PTC Awards 2020 and PLDT Global was one of them.

The awards won by the company are "Outstanding Applications Company" and "Outstanding Customer-Facing Innovation" for Free Bee. This made PLDT Global the only company to win two awards for the Network-Centric Products, Services, and Innovation category.

Free Bee became a go-to calling app for Filipinos living and working abroad. It is an ad-based solution that provides free international calls to the Philippines even if the recipient is not connected to the internet or does not use a smartphone. It also allows for longer, ad-free calls to key migrant destinations such as the USA, Canada, India, and South Korea at affordable rates.

Since 2017, Free Bee has also partnered with other companies and organizations all over the world to provide services such as Smart, TNT, and Sun load top-ups, online bills payment, application for insurance and loan products, and lifestyle guides for Filipinos overseas.

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