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Oplan Sagip Katutubo is launched to help indigenous groups to survive the COVID-19 pandemic

In collaboration with HAGIBBAT Mangyan Mindoro, Edicute Inc. is raising funds to help indigenous families and communities to have access to food and basic needs during this pandemic.
Oplan Sagip Katutubo is launched to help indigenous groups to survive the COVID-19 pandemic
Indigenous groups are more susceptible to the Coronavirus

Empowering those who are in greater risk

Edicute Incorporated, or Enhancing lives and Developing Indigenous Peoples Communities through Education is a registered, non-profit organization that aims to enable indigenous people with equal opportunities to improve their lives.

It partnered with HAGIBBAT Mangyan Mindoro, a local group composed of the 8 Mangyan tribes to launch "Oplan Sagip Katutubo".

Most of the members of the indigenous groups depend on the informal economy for day to day living. These native groups are highly exposed to the coronavirus due to a lack of water and access to health services. Another reason is the fact that generally, they dwell in overcrowded houses.

With the ongoing community quarantine, the goal of this fundraising is to give indigenous people the power to purchase their family's needs. Donation via online bank transfers or credit cards is deeply encouraged to avoid the donors making bank transactions personally.
Donate through online fund transfer

Those who are interested in donating, kindly send proof of donation to this email address. Details such as complete name, mobile number and email address are required, just for the purpose of monitoring.

For those sending donations via Paymongo, there's no need to send proof of donation. Edicuite Inc. guarantees that they will keep track of the donations, remit to HAGIBBAT via Palawan Express, and release daily updates on the fundraising.
An option to donate thru Paymongo

What do you guys think of this initiative?

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