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Yorme and PLDT launched an online health survey related to COVID-19

Yorme Isko Moreno introduced a Facebook-based survey for Manila residents that can help in assessing the risked brought by the Coronavirus pandemic.
Yorme and PLDT launched an online health survey related to COVID-19
Manila CODE COVID-19 campaign

Online survey service for the health status of Manila residents

Manila CODE COVID-19 (Contain and Delay) Health survey and Community Education Campaign is a free service given to residents in which they can answer some questions about their health condition related to COVID-19.

Those who are interested in participating in this survey can access the "Send Message" feature on the official Facebook page of "Isko Moreno Domagoso". After that, participants are required to answer questions related to their recent travel history. Symptoms like colds, coughs and sore throat are also part of the questionnaire.

During a Facebook live broadcast, Yorme shared that the simple application will help the government become efficient in handling the outbreak issue. He also added,

It is also crucial for everyone to have access to official information from our government and other official sources, and, to the Manila, emergency operations center COVID-19 command center hotlines where qualified professionals are able to assist 24/7.

The said online survey aims to quickly accommodate those citizens in need of government assistance. As a form of supports, PLDT is providing improve data connectivity while preparing the Manila City Hall's hotline center that will manage questions about COVID-19.

As a form of support in this advocacy,  PLDT is improving data connectivity for the online survey service while preparing the Manila City hall’s hotline facility that will manage questions about COVID-19. Five direct lines will be added and the fiber connection will help Isko Moreno in live broadcasts for public announcements.

The telco giant also announced efforts to boost connectivity for other government agencies and LGUs to help them handle COVID19-related cases.

Moreover, PLDT and Smart are continuing to provide an internet connection to homes and businesses.  For PLDT, it added a speed boost for Fibr customers in MetroManila. 

Meanwhile, Smart gives FREE mobile data access to government websites like the Department of Health, and other news sites. With these combined efforts, the public will be informed on how to be safe during this pandemic.

What are your thoughts on this online survey?
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