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DxOMark: Apple iPhone 11 got a strong selfie score of 91 points

Leading camera benchmarking website DxOMark just published the selfie rating of the Apple iPhone 11.
DxOMark: Apple iPhone 11 got a strong selfie score of 91 points
Apple iPhone 11 DxO selfie score

Not bad, but not class-leading

The iPhone 11 achieved a Photo score of 92 points and a Video score of 90 points for an average selfie camera score of 91 points.
92 for photos, 90 for videos
92 for photos, 90 for videos

Apple's 12MP camera f/2.2 aperture size, Smart HDR, and up to 4K 60fps did even better than the 32MP selfie camera of the Huawei P30 Pro with 89 points. However, it still lags behind most of the modern flagships. It is nowhere near the selfie rating of the Galaxy S20 Ultra with 100 points and the Huawei P40 Pro with 103 points.

With an overall DXOMARK Selfie score of 91, the Apple iPhone 11 front camera delivers a decent performance but does not quite make it onto our current top ten list of smartphone front cameras. Given that the iPhone 11's front camera specifications (provided by Apple) are identical to those of the top-end iPhone 11 Pro Max, it should not come as a surprise that the overall results are very similar between the two models. This said, there are a few differences—the main one being focus distance. The fixed-focus lens of our iPhone 11 test device focuses slightly closer than the lens on the Pro Max, which results in subjects at longer shooting distances (for example, when shooting with a selfie stick) being out of focus.

DxOMark noted that the iPhone 11 is a capable option for selfie shooters as it delivers nice colors and good exposure in most conditions It is also a good alternative to its pricier sibling, the iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, it can be noisy and its fixed focused lens is not ideal for selfie sticks and groufies.

Source: DxOMark
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