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Alleged Apple Glass with LiDAR and wireless charging pricing and details leak!

MAJOR details of the alleged upcoming Apple Glass augmented reality eyewear with LiDAR and wireless charging revealed by Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech.
Alleged Apple Glass with LiDAR and wireless charging pricing and details leak!
Apple CEO Tim Cook wears glasses

Augmented Reality lasses from Apple coming soon?

After leaking almost all the details of the upcoming iPhone 12 and 12 Pro line-up, Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech reveals Major details about Apple's rumored Augmented Reality eyewear. Embedded above is the video from Front Page Tech.

Front Page Tech's Jon Prosser is new to the Apple leaks scene but has a reliable record with leaking details of other brands and manufacturers. He has since accurately revealed expected product release dates and product codenames. In the video embedded above, he also shares that multiple publications with good relationship Apple that he was not close to or that he did not know have reached out to him claiming that the company has been asking about who he is and who he is working with.

Jon claims that the new AR glasses will be called "Apple Glass" which pairs with your iPhone where all the data processing will occur. This is reminiscent of the first generation of Apple Watch where the iPhone does all the processing for the Apple Watch Series 1. 
Image courtesy from Macrumors
Image courtesy from Macrumors

On the hardware side, Jon says that he saw a Prototype made of premium plastic with a LiDAR scanner on the right temple. He continues by saying that the final design and materials used to make the device could all change on the final product. There are no cameras on the device for privacy reasons.

He also claims that the wearable's display works on both the left and right lenses that only the user can see, that the UI is called "Starboard" (Like the UI of iOS on the iPhone/iPad is called "Springboard"), and that the device will be controlled via gestures in front of the device. The alleged Apple Glass can scan proprietary Apple QR codes.

Jon also claims that Apple is currently having trouble getting the UI to display on tinted lenses so there will be no SunGlasses version yet. This could change in the future.

Prosser said that the reason why Apple installed a LiDAR scanner on the newly announced iPad Pro and why Apple will be adding a LiDAR scanner on the upcoming iPhone 12, and 12 Pro line-up is to gather data to perfect the LiDAR experience for the upcoming Apple Glass. 

Lastly, Jon Prosser mentioned that the rumored Apple Glass' price will start at USD 499 + price of prescription lenses (or around PHP 25K + prescription lenses straight conversion without taxes and shipping) and its official reveal is planned as "One More Thing" announcement for an event anytime from the fourth quarter of 2020 until the first quarter of 2021.

What do you guys think?

Sources: MacRumors, YouTube
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