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LG reveals LSAA digital signage for enterprises

LG Electronics recently announced the arrival of LSAA in selected regions. This is the company's most advanced LED signage yet.
LG reveals LSAA digital signage for enterprises
Vibrant LG LSAA digital signage

Main features of LG LSAA

The LSAA from LG is said to produce an improved image quality and easier installation than the famous previous versions. This one highlights a block-assembly design to quickly construct large displays. 
Block assembly means easier installation
Block assembly means easier installation

This includes a single LED cabinet hub (600W x 337.5H x 44.9D mm) that gives power and signal to the whole signage. There's no need to add cables between cabinets so LG guarantees it can save you time and resources and at the same time offer up to 4K UHD resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. The design also enables the LSAA to manage even with a power failure.

Moreover, users can connect multiple displays to the LED cabinet to attain the target display size. LG also explained that the LSAA is easier to install compared to other LED displays. It also has several wall-mounts and frame-type accessories to be flexible according to site conditions and customer needs.

The electronics giant equipped LSAA the same AI-powered Image Processor found in LG’s well-known premium televisions. With this, LG claims that it can deliver vibrant images via its self-emissive display technology and narrow 1.2mm distance between pixels.

Aside from that, the LED signage allegedly can produce optimized image quality with the Alpha 7 Intelligent Processor. This is said to have the capability to recognize and analyze the original content. There's also HDR support included for better visuals.

Considering this as a huge investment, LG provides an optional Signage365Care service for the after-sales solution. This is described as a cloud service solution to make maintenance easier and faster. It remotely manages the status of displays in client workplaces for fault diagnosis and remote-control services.

LG Electronics will start selling this latest LED signage this month in North America and Europe, to follow with  Latin America and Asia.

There's no information yet regarding the exact date of its release here in the Philippines but we will update you.

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