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Samsung AirDresser Smart Wardrobe dries and cleans your clothes for PHP 129,995

Samsung wants to keep your clothes dry, clean, and wrinkle-free with the new AirDresser for the affordable price of PHP 129,995.
Samsung AirDresser Smart Wardrobe dries and cleans your clothes for PHP 129,995
Cleans and lessens wrinkles

Samsung reimagines wardrobes

The new AirDresser from Samsung offers to keep clothes fresh and ready to wear. It starts by introducing powerful air to remove dust with minimal noise throuJetAir and Air hangers. It will then release JetSteam that sanitizes the clothes that get rid of bacteria, viruses, and allergens by infusing high-temperature steam into the fabric.

The Heat Pump Drying then dries the clothes with low-temperature heat that minimizes heat damage and shrinkage. It will then use WrinkleCare which uses a combination of steam and air to relax the clothes that smoothen out wrinkles without ironing. There is a Deodorizing Filter that breakdowns odor particles caused by sweat, tobacco, and food which prevents odor build-up inside the AirDresser.

Samsung claims these features lengthen the lifespan of clothes by reducing the need for frequent washing of delicate fabric especially in fancy and formal clothing.

The AirDresser itself can save time as it sanitizes its interior without harsh detergents by combining heat, air, and steam. After 40 cycles, the AirDresser notifies the user that it needs cleaning.

Price and availability

AirDresser Smart Wardrobe

Samsung AirDresser retails in the Philippines for only PHP 129,995.

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