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Samsung plans to add OIS on A series phones next year

According to a report from South Korea, Samsung is planning to implement OIS on Galaxy A series of phones next year (2021).
Samsung plans to add OIS on A series phones next year
File photo: Galaxy A71

More Galaxy A series of phones with OIS next year?

To recall, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) is a camera tech that is almost exclusive to high-end Samsung Galaxy S, Note, and foldable phones.

It was previously available on an older-gen A series handset (like the 2016 A9 Pro), but the company has now reportedly decided to bring it to more of its affordable lineup.

The reason behind this is to make its Galaxy A phones come with more competitive cameras. Samsung has also seen the increased competition in the mid-range segment and the company probably doesn't want to be left behind.

If proven to be true, the move could further strengthen the sales of its A series line.

There's no official word from Samsung yet. But, rumor points out that the A72 is expected to be one of the first new Samsung A series of phones to come with OIS.

Source: THEELEC, Via: GSMArena
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