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Epson launches EB-U50 and EB-W50 business projectors for digital signages

Epson launched two business projectors for digital signages. These are the EB-U50 and EB-W50.
Epson launches EB-U50 and EB-W50 business projectors for digital signages
Epson's new business projectors now official

Epson EB-U50 and EB-W50 business projectors

The two new models have a feature that can automatically adjust brightness and drive voltage depending on the environment. This feature aims to preserve the projectors' life up to 17,000 hours. Both models are also built with enhanced durability and resistance due to their electrostatic air filters. This filter traps dust and chalk particles before they can enter the projector.

They also have customizable colors and shape filters for easy visual improvements and changes. The EB-U50 and EB-W50 business projectors enable companies to shift from a one-size-fits-all approach to messaging that can be easily personalized to specific audience needs.

To enhance the overall viewing experience, the EB-U50 and EB-W50 also have a new optional mount with a ball joint design that allows for a variety of flexible installation options. This allows for the projectors to be mounted directly onto the ceiling, or conveniently on a tabletop. For ceiling projection, the EB-U50 and EB-W50 enable customers to project from any angle through 360 degrees horizontally, and 30 degrees vertically.

Both the EB-U50 and EB-W50 can also be controlled as one using the remote ID function. This enables businesses to control up to 16 projectors and to save time by eliminating the need to reset IDs each time the projectors are powered off. Both models can also be used to schedule and edit playlists and convert movie formats through the Epson Content Manager software.

Price and availability

The Epson EB-U50 business projector is priced at PHP 62,790 while the EB-W50 is priced at PHP 58,290. Both models are available at Epson's authorized dealer stores nationwide.

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