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This 59-year-old vlogger bikes around Metro Manila to give toys to street children

Vlogger Joey Belo was able to touch the hearts of netizens when his good deeds circulated around the Internet a few days ago.
This 59-year-old vlogger bikes around Metro Manila to give toys to street children
Joey Belo gamely poses with Joseph Eliseo for a quick photo

Joey Belo uses his ad earnings to buy toys for street kids

Some are trying to start a vlog during this pandemic because of personal reasons or to express their thoughts. But this vlogger is a unique one since he's already 59 years old but he bikes around Metro Manila. His mission? To give joy to street children through toys.

Belo also uses his earnings from ad placements on his YouTube videos to buy more toys for less fortunate kids. A guy named Joseph Eliseo told a story of how he encountered Belo while he was walking beside Montillano Street in Muntinlupa City last week.

Eliseo narrated that Belo called him to hand out a small flyer while saying "Kuya! Nood ka sa vlog ko ha! Kahit isang view lang!" When he asked Belo what his YouTube channel is for, the old man explained that he uses that to buy toys for street children.

In a photo on a Facebook post, Belo uses his mini camper as storage for the toys. It is also a place where he can rest after he’s done with his gift-giving activities.

Once he arrives home, his daughter helps him on editing the videos he shot all day long with his GoPro action camera. Eliseo told a source,

Natuwa ako kasi mostly ‘yung iba gustong mamigay ng foods, clothes, yung common. Not saying na ‘di maganda yun, pero this is something new, a pinoy santa claus. Not in a sleigh but in a form of bike camper.

The  Bike Camper JBelo now has 18 vlog entries. It gained over 170,000 subscribers in just a matter of days after Eliseo’s post went viral. Upon checking, it now 209,000 subscribers.

Faith in humanity restored? What do you guys think?

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