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DxOMark: Huawei Mate 40 Pro's cameras leapfrogs competition, now on top!

Right after the launch of the new Mate 40 Series, independent camera testing authority DxOMark revealed the camera scores of the new Mate 40 Pro.
DxOMark: Huawei Mate 40 Pro's cameras leapfrogs competition, now on top!
Mate 40 Pro

Smartphone Photo, Video, and Selfie King!

DxOMark labeled the Mate 40 Pro as the dynamic range monster with a total camera score of 136 points.
Class-leading scores
Class-leading scores

For Photos, it got a monstrous score of 140 points. For Zoom, it recorded 88 points. For Videos, it got 116 points. The average is 136 points and it is now the highest-scoring camera phone in the world based on DxoMark's testing protocols.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro leapfrogged the previous leader Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra by 3 points. 3 points is a considerable gap at DxO's tests. It is also 4 points higher than Huawei's own P40 Pro with 132 points.

This gap is super wide compared to the 124 and 121 total scores of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, respectively.

Mate 40 Pro's Zoom score is below the Mi 10 Ultra's tele performance, but its Photo and Video Score are much higher than the latter.

For selfies, Huawei dethroned its own P40 Pro with the top score of 104 points.

DxO noted that it has a wide dynamic range even in low light, excellent texture, fast and accurate AF for photo/video, good detail at most tele-zoom settings, excellent video stabilization, and more.

It appears Huawei camera engineers have kept very busy after the launch of the P40 Pro earlier this year in order to make the Mate 40 Pro's camera even better, despite the lack of optical image stabilization in the primary module. The new model improves on the already very good performance of the P40 Pro in several areas and is particularly impressive for dynamic range, providing good highlight retention even in low light, something that even many flagship phones struggle with. This makes it an excellent choice for any kind of low-light photography, but the new Huawei is more than capable of dealing with any photographic challenge you throw at it.

It's not quite the best, but one of the best for tele-zoom, and while ultra-wide shooters have to make do with a narrower field of view than on many competitors, the overall image quality of the ultra-wide camera leaves few reasons to complain.

It's also the best device we have tested to date for Video, thanks to excellent noise control, effective stabilization, and smooth autofocus adaptation, making it the currently most versatile smartphone for any kind of mobile visual content creators.

Note: The Mate 40 Pro is not even the best of Huawei yet. They also launched the Mate 40 Pro+ with 2 more back cameras for better zooming than the Mate 40 Pro.

To read DxOMark's full Mate 40 Pro review, visit this link.

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