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Report: Older iPhones will not come with in-box power bricks too!

On paper, the new 5G iPhone 12 phones are equipped with some of the best hardware and software combinations around. The consumers now even have a wider variety of options from mini to Pro Max.
Report: Older iPhones will not come with in-box power bricks too!
iPhone SE 2020

End of the in-box power brick era on iPhones?

However, an "environment-saving" effort (ahem, cost-cutting/money-making move) of removing the in-box power brick didn't really make Apple look that good to the eyes of the public.

Because of this, competitors like Samsung and Xiaomi as well as realme have started mocking Apple on social media.

But, a Tweet from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman revealed that Apple is not stopping there. 

Apple will remove the charging adapters of the iPhone SE 2020 and the other iPhones it'll keep selling.

The Tweet said that the iPhone SE box will remove considerably and the USB-A to lighting cable will become a USB-C to Lightning cable. The headphones will be removed from the box as well.

This suggests that even the iPhone 11 series might now come with power bricks anymore as well.
Spotted at the Apple website
Spotted at the Apple website

Update: Apple has updated its website stating that the iPhone SE 2020 will only come with the USB-C to Lightning cable. Apple's plan is to go completely Carbon Neutral by 2030.

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