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Live images of PS5 leaked and it is MASSIVE!

For the first time, photos of the recently launched PlayStation 5 in the flesh appeared on the Internet.
Live images of PS5 leaked and it is MASSIVE!
Live image of PS5 from @MrProWestie

PlayStation 5 is HUGE!

It will be just a month before Sony will officially bring the much-awaited console in the market. There are several footages upcoming titles and photos of PS5, but this one came with a hands-on impression.
Live images of PS5 leaked and it is MASSIVE!
PlayStation 5 (Photo from 4Gamers)

The leaked images from Taiwan’s National Communications Commission already gave a clue about the PlayStation 5's gigantic build. The company's executives allow a small group of media and influencers to view the console in action. 

4gamer posted some photos of the PS5 in a vertical position, showing the stands both ways. The blogger noted that its measurement is 390 x 104 x 260 mm and weighs approximately 4.5 kg.

4gamer‘s Yuki Hayashi noted, "It’s interesting that it feels slimmer than the actual size from almost any angle. This is the same whether it is placed vertically or horizontally. The PS5 I shot was supported by the attached stand, but I couldn’t confirm the stand itself in detail." 

He also shared quick gameplay of Godfall.
DualSense controllers
DualSense controllers (Photo from 4Gamers)

Hayashi also had comments about the new DualSense controllers. He said that the lightbar is integrated more naturally into the pad and feels better than the DualShock 4. He thought at first that they have a matte texture but he felt it was a standard satin finish. Regardless, the controllers are still comfortable to grip.

The PS5 will be available for purchase on November 12 in the US, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, before hitting the rest of the world on November 19. 

Are you guys excited?

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