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Strong digital infrastructure in Philippines needed amid COVID-19

The need to strengthen the country's digital infrastructure has got Coronavirus punch as Filipinos adopt to the new normal, a market research firm said.
File photo: An Android tablet being used to surf the internet in the Philippines

Internet connectivity "more critical" than ever

Angela Jenny Medez, Client Devices Market Analyst at IDC Philippines, said reliable internet connectivity has become "more critical" now that the Philippines continues its battle against the COVID-19. 

Internet connectivity, she noted, is considered as one of the main backbones as the Philippines shifts to the new normal brought about by the ensuing lockdown. 

In times of crisis such as this, the telecom industry plays an important role in ensuring business continuity and household sustainability as dependency for a reliable broadband connectivity becomes more critical, Medez said.

Incumbents Globe Telecom and PLDT have assured boosted telco services in the country, with massive investments targeted for their respective network buildups. 

Data from IDC showed that over 55 percent of Philippine enterprise would implement the work-from-home scheme through to June of next year. 

Aside from the business side, the education sector has also embraced distance learning, driving further the demand for internet connectivity and devices. 

Source: IDC

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