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Apple is required to sell iPhones with in-box chargers in São Paulo, Brazil

The Brazilian state of São Paulo has recently decided that Apple is now required to sell new iPhones with an in-box power adapter.
File photo: iPhone XS unboxing

Removing the in-box charger is against the Brazilian Consumer Defense Code

To recap, Apple removed its chargers starting on the new 5G iPhone 12 phones followed by the older-gen iPhones. The company said that it is in line with its plan to go completely Carbon Neutral by 2030. In short, "environment-saving" effort.

However, a report from Folha de S.Paulo said that the São Paulo State public consumer protection agency Procon-SP notified Apple in October asking the company for clarification on removing the power adapter from the iPhone box.

The public agency asked the company to prove the real benefits of this move to the environment and it would not harm its consumers. Apple shared that most of its users already have a compatible charger and it is to reduce carbon emissions.

Unfortunately for Apple, the Brazilian agency wasn't satisfied with the response. The agency claims that Apple hasn't provided enough evidence that removing chargers from the box will help the environment and the company hasn't guaranteed that it will offer the same technical support to consumers who purchased third-party chargers.

Procon-SP noted that the power adapter is considered an essential component to product use and selling the iPhone without it is against the Brazilian Consumer Defense Code.

Do you think other countries should follow this move?

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