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US blacklists leading consumer Chinese drone company DJI

World's largest consumer drone company in the world DJI has just been added to the US Department of Commerce's Entity List.
US blacklists leading consumer Chinese drone company DJI
File photo: Mavic Air

US bans DJI

Similar to Huawei, the leading Chinese drone company was deemed as a national security concern. US-based companies are now banned from exporting technology to the company.

Reuters confirmed DroneDJ news. It said that a senior Commerce official told reporters on a conference call about the news and the restrictions will take effect at 11:15 AM EST.

Drone DJ said that according to a briefing, the reason why DJI was added to the list is not related to the data security of DJI products. Instead, the US government believes that DJI has played a role in oppression and other human rights violations in China.

DJI products have been allegedly been used by Cha for surveillance.

DJI responded by saying:

DJI is disappointed in the U.S. Department of Commerce's decision. Customers in America can continue to buy and use DJI products normally. DJI remains committed to developing the industry's most innovative products that define our company and benefit the world.

The ban will make it difficult for US businesses to provide parts or components for DJI to use in its drones. This will likely disrupt the company's supply chain.

Apart from DJI, China's top chipmaker SMIC was added to the entity list. The moves were consistent with Trump's "tough on China" campaign.

Sources: DroneDJ, Reuters
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