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This is it! Matteo Guidicelli unboxed the PS5!

Remember his viral PS4 unboxing last year? Actor Matteo Guidicelli is back with another PlayStation unboxing—the PS5 unboxing.
Matteo unboxing the new PS5

Matteo massacred the PS5 box!

Similar to what he did last year which received flak from the gaming community, the actor carelessly ripped the Sony PS5 box to check what's everything inside.

He also dropped the new PS5 wireless controller on the grass ground along with the cables and paper documentation. The PS5 itself? He dropped it on his "shock-absorbent" table from a Cebu company.

The difference? Unlike his accidental viral unboxing video last year, it is an intentional video this year. It's a parody of what he did last year.

Our comment. It is okay to do funny videos like this, but he should have placed a disclaimer at the end of the video. Some may think that what he is doing is the right way to unbox a new device.

Why? While ripping the box won't do harm to your new expensive gaming console (
PHP 27,990 for the PlayStation 5 with Ultra HD Blue-ray), but the PS5 itself and its wireless controller are electronic devices that are not designed to be dropped.

In fact, there are several unverified claims from Reddit noting that the PS5 controller was a bit fragile when dropped and the PS5 itself has fragile ports.

What do you guys think?

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