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TCL Moveaudio S600, Movetrack PetTracker announced, TCL wearable display showcased

Along with its new tablets and smartphones, TCL also announced the Moveaudio S600 TWS earphones and TCL MoveTrack PetTracker.
TCL Moveaudio S600, Movetrack PetTracker announced, TCL wearable display showcased
TCL Moveaudio S600, MoveTrack PetTracker announced

It also showcased its wearable display prototype that features 2 x 1080p OLED displays.

TCL Moveaudio S600 TWS

The TCL Moveaudio S600 is a pair of TWS earphones. It comes with a 10mm dynamic driver and a 55mAh battery on each earbud. The charging case has a 500mAh battery as well. Each bud also has three ANC microphones and touch controls.

It connects via Bluetooth and can be customized audio-wise via the TCL Connect app. It is usable with Android and iOS devices as well. Looking at the renders, the S600 seems to have soft, silicone tops and a stem design.

It will be available in four colors namely Graphite Gray, Pure Marble, Silver Chrome, and Turquoise Blue.

TCL MoveTrack PetTracker

TCL MoveTrack PetTracker
TCL MoveTrack PetTracker

Next is the MoveTrack PetTracker. As the name implies, it lets you track your pet and its whereabouts. It is a device that you put in cute cases that can then be attached to your pet's collar. It can detect your pet's movements and upload location every minute. Designated Safe Zone is a feature that will start sending you location if your pet leaves the designated safe area.

Virtual Lease is another feature that connects the PetTracker to your phone via Bluetooth that notifies you when your dog leaves the allocated 5-10 meter area around you. The app and device can keep a 24-hour history of your pet's movements and locations for up to 6 months.
TCL wearable display
TCL wearable display

Lastly, TCL showcased a wearable display that features two 1080p OLED screens. It simulates the viewing angle of a 140-inch screen. It can connect via USB-C cable to any device to get the image and videos you want to view.

Euro price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

TCL Moveaudio S600 TWS - EUR 149
TCL MoveTrack PetTracker - EUR 99

More information is expected to be shared in the following weeks so stay tuned for any updates!

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