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Senator Poe seeks to end telcos' expiry dates of load credits

Senator Grace Poe is targeting to establish a technical working group that would question telco players' policy on expiry dates of load credits.
Senator Poe seeks to end telcos' expiry dates of load credits
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Senator Poe questions load expiry

During a Senate hearing earlier this week, Poe said the technical working group would examine details of bills that seek to end the expiry dates of unused prepaid credits—either on call, text, or data—of mobile users.

Ang bagal at ang mahal na nga ng internet, nag-e-expire pa. We heard of instances when the data allocation of many subscribers expires in just one or three days, Poe said during the hearing.

The bills discussed during the hearing were Senate Bill No. 176 or the proposed SIM Card Registration Act., Senate Bill No. 365, and Senate Bill No. 1880.

Senate Bill No. 1880, authored by Senator Lito Lapid, wants to institutionalize a "roll-over data scheme" applicable to all internet service providers where the unused data allocation will not expire but will carry over to the succeeding months until the end of the year.

Poe also cited data from a 2020 World Bank report, stressing that Philippine telcos are charging the fourth-highest cost in ASEAN at around PHP 315 per 500 megabytes of prepaid mobile connection.

We want to address the situation where the money used by mobile subscribers to purchase their prepaid credits are not being utilized in its entirety, to the detriment of the consuming public. In short, sa kasalukuyang set-up, nalulugi ang mga Pilipino, Poe added. 

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