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AnTuTu bans realme GT due to alleged benchmark cheating

AnTuTu has found out evidence that realme GT is cheating its benchmark score so they issued an ultimatum to the company to explain their side.
AnTuTu bans realme GT due to alleged benchmark cheating
File photo: realme GT

realme is still trying to solve the issue with AnTuTu 

In a Weibo post, Antutu has declared that the realme GT is reportedly cheating its performance during the benchmark. Because of that, its score of 750,000 is temporarily removed. The device has a significantly higher than Xiaomi Mi 11 that got 708,000.

Antutu said that this realme GT's score was "not a manifestation of true strength, but obtained through cheating and other means." They explained that the evidence is found on the smartphone's performance in the multithreaded workload and JPG decoding portions of its benchmark.

Allegedly, the device utilized thread delay tactics to run the multithreaded test on its fastest CPU cores as much as possible. As a result, it got a higher score. 

Moreover, the realme GT had modification on the reference JPG image from AnTuTu. It used mosaic color blocks to reduce the quality of the image so the processing period will be much lower.

As a form of sanction, the benchmark firm removed the device's score for three months and they required realme to issue an explanation. If the company won't comply with this requirement, the phone is banned from AnTuTu for good.

According to the source, realme addressed the issue via email and it stated that the benchmark scores are all accurate. At the same time, they are dealing with AnTuTu to clarify this issue. realme CMO  Xu Qi Chase released a statement to Weibo, stating that the scores the "real data run under the current version" of Antutu. 

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