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Sudio Nio Review - Sleek design and reliable for calls

Swedish brand Sudio once again releases a nice-looking pair of wireless earbuds and these ones are called "Nio".
Meet Sudio Nio

For those who love to bring their listening experience everywhere they go, wireless earbuds are a clear necessity. TWS lets you immerse yourself in your playlist, podcasts, audiobooks, and whatever material you are listening to.

Sudio positions Nio as "earphones for the people". They are the latest and cheapest pair of truly wireless earphones from the Swedish company.

On paper, Nio boasts of some useful features like IPX4 rating, adaptive dual microphone technology, and various wingtips for the right fit. But the question is, will these new wireless earphones can satisfy casual listeners or even the picky ones?

Let's find out on this review!


Inside the box
Inside the box

The unit arrives in a sturdy, black box that is in contrast with the brand's typical white packaging. This is perhaps because we got the limited edition Sudio Nio Aurora. The photo of the teal or blue-green earbuds in front stands out on the black background. 

Inside the box, we got the earphones in their charging case, four sets of wingtips, a micro-USB charging cable in the same color, and some documents like manual and warranty.

Build Quality/Design

AirPods-like design of the casing and the buds
AirPods-like design of the casing and the buds

It's made of good quality polycarbonate material so it feels solid and durable. We also noticed that the hinge easily opens and closes, with the right amount of flexibility so it doesn't seem to break over a long period of usage.

This TWS has a glossy texture and I'm torn if we like it or not. This feels a bit tacky than the Sudio Tolv but I think this is less prone to stains and smudges. With just a simple wipe of a cloth, it looks good as new.

At first glance, the Sudio Nio bears some similarities to the Apple AirPods. The casing has the same square shape with rounded edges all over. In front, there's the discreet Sudio branding and a single LED battery indicator.
A tiny light indicator on the front
A tiny light indicator on the front

When the case has 25 percent or above power, the LED flashes a white light but it flashes orange if lower than that. On the right of the case, there’s a USB-C port for charging, while its bottom has a factory reset button.

Sudio is sticking with its clean and minimalist design, staying true to its Scandinavian appeal. I also like the fact that this variant comes in different yet chic colors. It's available in black, white, green, and sand. The blue-green one that we have is called "Aurora". I instantly fell in love with this color since it's calming, just like the color of the sea during bright daylight.

Gorgeous color options!

Like the AirPods, the earphones have a stem but this one has removable wingtips. Since they also have a glossy texture, some people might find them a bit slippery, especially getting them out of the casing. But it's much when the wingtips are attached as they provide enough grip.

There's a metallic gold accent on both earphones but no physical buttons so these are surely operated by tap controls.


Comfortable fit and great for outdoor exercise
Comfortable fit and great for outdoor exercise

Pairing Nio earphones for the first time is quick and convenient. First, just turn on the Bluetooth function of your device then take out the buds. The LED indicator on the case must have a blinking light and wait for "Sudio Nio" to appear on your screen. Finally, a prompt for pairing them will appear, just tap 'OK' then you can now use them.

Once the buds are finally paired with your current device, they will automatically pair every time you take them out of the casing. This a great functionality, especially if you need to use them ASAP like when there's a call. To switch them off, just put them back in the case.
Open-ear design
Open-ear design

The earbuds have an open-ear design so they're not too snug as compared to those with in-ear design. If that's the case, what's the use of the wingtips? Sudio most probably includes them to make the buds more secure when working out or during a commute.

This ear wing design is a nice option for users who dislike the pressure from tips stuffed into their ear canals. There's no feeling of discomfort while wearing the Sudio Nio for long periods of time even we tested them for almost 4 consecutive hours. The two air vents also help to relieve ear pressure, so overall the Sudio Nio is very comfortable to wear and listen to.

Like the typical TWS with an open-ear design, the Sudio Nio has weak isolation. Also, it does not have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) but they are still a decent pair for the price.

Feels light and comfy to use, no ear soreness at all

If you use them in a crowded place, you'll probably hear sounds and voices. This characteristic can be beneficial if you want still want to be aware of your surroundings. Like for example, you're doing an outdoor run or walk so too much noise isolation can be risky.

Battery Life

Total of 20 hours of  usage without charging

Sudio said that Nio has a total of 20 hours with the case, for a full charge. Meanwhile, you can use the buds for five hours within a single charge with its casing. From our experience, the claim seems to be true enough.

We can say that Nio's battery endurance is pretty average, it's like what the most wireless earphones in the market have. But the important thing is, its power can last for an 8-hour workday. You still got plenty of time to enjoy it for your leisure activities after that.

This device is chargeable by using its USB-C cable, and it takes around 1 and a half hours to charge it to 100 percent from a full drain. This is acceptable since it lacks a fast-charging feature.


There are touch controls on each earbud for playing/pausing, skipping tracks, and adjusting volume. The Nio has good touch sensitivity so you'll be able to control music easily. However, it might be a little too sensitive as it pauses the music even to the lightest touch.

The single press for play or pause is alright. The double-tap action for going to the previous or next track is still okay. But the triple tap action for volume adjustment is tedious.

In terms of connectivity, it has Bluetooth 5.0 which is pretty much stable when you're playing any kind of media or taking calls. Speaking of calls, these earphones are great partners in your virtual meetings. As we were testing them for this activity, the calls were clear and quite audible. 

The background noises are still present on the other end, but they're somewhat subdued. Because of that, the voice from the speaker stands out.

A great pair for zoom meetings and virtual calls!

The adaptive dual-microphone feature in these buds is a huge advantage if you often call someone for work or personal matters. As many consumers transitioned into a remote work set-up, the Sudio Nio can be a wise investment for them.

The Nio wireless earphones are also suitable for those who often use earphones when watching movies or series on their devices. Thanks to its low latency characteristic, there was no delay in audio when Netflix is being played.

Audio Quality

Bass-heavy TWS
Bass-heavy TWS

Note that getting the best fit of silicone wingtips is a must before you get the optimum audio quality. Nio got four sets and choosing a pair depends on the user's ear shape.

Upon testing these Sudio earbuds, we found them incredibly bass-heavy. The sounds of drums and bass guitars in the rock songs were solid. So that's a good thing if you're into that genre. However, too much bass also means the music from these TWS lacks detail.

The bass overpowers the mids/vocals so the latter sounded murky. This may become problematic for some since the earbuds seemed to lack power. Even though we turned the volume is turned to its maximum, it's not that loud when compared to other brands.

However, Sudio Nio performed well in terms of treble. It got a relaxed treble so the high notes did not cause fatigue when listening to music for a long time. Also, we did not experience peakiness so that's a good thing. The sound stage is above average which can be attributed to the open-ear design of the Nio buds.

Pros IPX4 water and dust resistance, stylish design, good build, dual microphones work well, comfortable to wear, stable connectivity, wide soundstage, easy pairing
Cons - Tap controls need improvement, average battery life, audio lacks power, bass can be overpowering, a bit expensive

Sudio Nio Specs

Driver: 10mm dynamic
Microphone: Adaptive dual microphones
Battery: Up to 20 hours (with charging case)
Sensors: Optical (Wear Detection)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Others: IPX4 splash resistance, tap controls, 
Google/Siri assistant, USB-C, Colors: White, Black, Green, Sand, and Aurora (Limited Edition)
Dimensions: 32.5 x 60.5 x 48.8 mm (charging case)
Weight: 4.5 g (per earbud), 42.3 (charging case)
Price: PHP 3,800


Nio offers comfort and versatility
Nio offers comfort and versatility

Just like other Sudio earphones, Nio performs quite well for commuters, casual listeners, and those who have an active lifestyle.

There's no doubt that it has a sophisticated design that is a huge plus if you're into minimalist aesthetics. It's also pretty nice that the Sudio included an IPX4 rating for this one so it can withstand sweat or rain during workouts.

While it's not immersive and punchy compared to other TWS, these earbuds were still able to deliver the comfort and versatility that users usually look for. It is small and compact, yet you'll never run out of juice while listening to your Spotify playlist.

Even though the touch controls are a bit sensitive to our liking, you'll get used to it eventually. The important thing is, the buds sit comfortably in the ears even with prolonged use.

We also appreciate that the Nio buds did well in video calls. This might be handy for those who often have long virtual meetings. Paired with a decent battery, the Sudio Nio might be a superb companion for work and play.

For those who are interested Nio TWS is available in Power Mac Centers nationwide. You can also order it online via Sudio's website. The shipping fee is already FREE plus it includes a 3-year warranty with Sudio Sphere.

You can use our special promo code GIZGUIDE15 to avail of the 15 percent discount.

Build/Design - 4
Comfort/Isolation -3.5
Battery Life - 3.75
Features - 4
Sound - 3.75
Average - 3.8/5

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