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Existing LG premium phones will get 3 years of OS updates

As LG announced the end of its mobile business arm, the tech giant assures users with LG devices that OS updates will continue for up to three years.
LG premium phones gets 3 years OS support
LG premium phones get 3 years of OS support

LG: Updates will continue for 3 years

Current users and future owners of LG's premium smartphones can be reassured that they will continue to be secured for the next few years. LG stated that its premium phones released in 2019 and later will continue to receive Android updates for the next 3 years. This includes the G-series, V-series, LG Velvet, and the LG Wing. Certain 2020 models such as the LG Stylo and K-series will receive two OS updates.

LG will continue to manufacture smartphones through the second quarter to meet its contractual obligations to carriers and partners. Customers will be able to purchase LG mobile phones that are currently in inventory and service support with security updates ensured to be continuous.

LG also stated that customers should contact local customer service centers for additional information.

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Source: LG
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