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Xiaomi introduced home accessories such as the Mi Smart AC, Robot Vacuum Pro, and Mi Humidifier Pro!

As Xiaomi continues its Mega Launch for 2021, it revealed an exciting array of smart home accessories in the market.
Xiaomi introduced home accessories such as the Mi Smart AC, Robot Vacuum Pro, and Mi Humidifier Pro!
New innovations for a smart home

A slew of smart home devices from Xiaomi

First off is the Mi Smar Air conditioner. Basically, it is a three-effect air conditioner that got three functions: air conditioning, fresh air fan, and air purification.
Mi Smart Air Conditioner
Mi Smart Air Conditioner 

On the right side of this home device, you can see a miniature health screen to display the real-time concentration of carbon monoxide and working temperature. Xiaomi also claims that it is more functional than traditional air conditioners. It features 1.5 HP first-class energy efficiency that reportedly can lessen electricity consumption.

When this operates as a fresh air fan, this premium air conditioner utilizes a dual-hybrid turbine system to produce air volume of up to 60 m3 per hour. As an air purifier, it allegedly can perform 99.9 percent sterilization of the air in the whole area via UV-C deep ultra-violet sterilization.
Mi Robot Vacuum Pro
Mi Robot Vacuum Pro

Xiaomi also launched the new Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Pro on the second day of Mega representation. According to the launch, it is the new robot that can washes floors and vacuums them. It only comes in black color because it can look good in everything.

This appliance is said to be unique because of its ability to avoid obstacles. When the robot encounters shoes, cables, and several other objects, it will go around. it is equipped with a new algorithm that allows it to stop instantly when it finds a hurdle.

Another cool feature is the floor washing mode which automatically recognizes if it encounters a carpet, carpet, or some other type of material. Also, it independently decides whether to avoid it or stop and change the washing mode.

Lastly, Xiaomi also brings a new humidifier that sports a clean and classy look that easily blends in a minimalist home. This home device uses an ultra-vaporization technology that is claimed to remove impurities even in tap water. It also produces low noise, up to 32db so there won't be any disturbance even it's placed near the bed.

Xiaomi also equipped this humidifier with an OLED display to show information like water volume in real-time. Moreover, it has a big capacity of a 5-liter water tank and longer battery life.

China price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Mi Smart Air Conditioner - CNY 3,599 (around PHP 26K)
Mi Robot Vacuum Pro - CNY 2,699 (around PHP 19K)
Mi Humidifier Pro - CNY 799 (around PHP 5K)

These new devices from Xiaomi are now available in China but no word yet if they are going to release these in other countries.

Source: Xiaomi
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