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iOS 15 allows you to block exes from popping in your photo memories!

Bad breakup? Apple's iOS 15 is helping you move on by letting you block your ex-partners from Photo Memories.
iOS 15 allows you to block exes from popping in your photo memories!
Side-by-side comparison of Photo Memories feature of iOS 15 and its predecessor

iOS 15‌ is more people-specific when it comes to hiding photos from memories

The Cupertino giant just introduced its latest operating system which allegedly brings new ways to stay connected and features that help users focus, explore, and do more. But aside from bringing cool functionalities to the users, the iOS 15 also improves existing features.

Apple is revamping Photo Memories by letting you have more control over the people and places that will show up. You can now tweak who makes random appearances in the Photos app and the Photos widget.

In iOS 14, the source said there's already an option for "Suggest Fewer Memories Like This" when viewing a memory in the "For You" section Photos. You can also choose to remove a photo from the whole photo suggestions. However, iOS 15 will enable you to select to feature a specific person infrequently.

To do this, you can simply long-press on an image with a person and select the "Feature This Person Less". These new controls from iOS 15 can become helpful when an unpleasant memory from a photo surfaced. This can be anything, a place you hate, or an ex you are trying to forget.

In the memory slideshow, you can also now tap on the grid button on the toolbar to enter into a view that displays all of the photos at once. Simply long-press on it to get a "Hide from Memory" option that makes it disappear.

According to the source, these features in the Photos app come with the current ‌iOS 15‌ beta version. The system is still undergoing testing and expected to be released in Fall 2021.

Source: MacRumors

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