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Infinix teases 160W Ultra Fast Charge technology for future smartphone

On April Fool's Day, Infinix posted a teaser for a 150W super charging technology. It was brushed off as a joke but now a 160W version surfaced.
Infinix teases 160W Ultra Fast Charge technology for future smartphone
Is this Infinix 160W charger real?

160W smartphone charging from Infinix?

Infinix 150W post last April 1
Infinix 150W post last April 1

A 160W Ultra Fase Charge technology from Infinix surfaced recently. If this is an official future technology, it will become the fastest charging technology. The current holder of this in the current market is OPPO's 125W Flash Charge. The other one in the works is Xiaomi's 10C cell 200W charging system. This puts Infinix squarely in the middle of the two.

Now, if Xiaomi is not able to finish the 200W charging and bring it into the market, Infinix has a chance to deliver the fastest charging system with their 160W Ultra Fast Charge. In the market, the company is operating in, this will be a very big leap in terms of innovation and technology. Infinix is developing this technology with efficiency, optimization, and safety in mind. This is to ensure that the smartphone that will support this technology will now overcharge and overheat.

There is no word on when it is going to hit the market but Infinix will be working nonstop to deliver a safe yet fast 160W charging technology.

What do you guys think?

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