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Microsoft is now worth USD 2 trillion

Microsoft Corp. is now worth USD 2 trillion, the second American publicly-listed company to reach the market value.
Microsoft is now worth USD 2 trillion
Microsoft hits USD 2 trillion market cap

Microsoft joins Apple as it hits USD 2 trillion market value

This development has been propelled by its possible dominance in cloud computing and enterprise software in the post-coronavirus market.

Its shares climbed as much as 1.2 percent in New York earlier this week, allowing it to hit the two-trillion dollar mark, joining Apple Inc. in the roster.

Despite the increasing scrutiny of American antitrust regulators, Microsoft was able to evade this. This allowed the company to continually grow its business, both acquisitions, and product expansion.

So far, the firm has gained 19 percent. This, as public investors have been taking their bet on Microsoft's long-term growth for both profit and revenues, coupled with its expansion in areas like machine learning and cloud computing.

Microsoft reached its USD 1 trillion market value in 2019.

It is followed by Amazon with a market cap of nearly USD 1.8 trillion, and Alphabet Inc. at USD 1.6 trillion.

Last August 2020, Apple was the first US firm to hit the USD 2 trillion mark in market value.

Source: Bloomberg
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