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OPPO launches its own loyalty program mobile application called "My OPPO"

My OPPO was released by the mobile brand to offer more ways to reward its loyal Filipino users.
OPPO launches its own loyalty program mobile application called "My OPPO"
A loyalty app for OPPO users

Benefits and perks of registering to My OPPO

The app aims to give perks and benefits to them, on top of several promos and bundles to engage its thriving community. According to the company, all smartphones produced from 2017 up to now are equipped with a built-in My OPPO app. Meanwhile, others can conveniently download the said application through the App Market. 

Allegedly, My OPPO has more than a million Filipino users nationwide as of this writing. Vice President for National Sales of OPPO Philippines further added,

OPPO has been proactively engaging with its loyal OPPO users and community through special customer service and loyalty programs. With My OPPO, OPPO users will get better access to added benefits, various discounts, rewards, and even get OPPOints which they can use in purchasing vouchers and freebies. With My OPPO, we hope to nurture a thriving community of OPPO users and elevate the customer experience.

By registering on MY OPPO, users can gain access to exciting benefits such as special discounts, exclusive rewards, discount vouchers. They can also enjoy VIP access to selected upcoming events and may get the chance first to avail the latest OPPO products such as smartphones, smart devices, and more.

Aside from that, new registrants will receive sign-up rewards whereas existing users can grab points by logging in daily and participating in the different activities. Moreover, the app offers various rewards that are redeemable using the points that users have accumulated. The points can be used to avail of different promos with OPPO's brand partners. 

My OPPO also reportedly features a wide range of content that can benefit users like product announcements and information, smartphone usage tips and smartphone-related stories, and regular in-app events. 

In addition to this, members can also have exclusive access to OPPO Support. They can get a free diagnosis of their device, consult for fast repair tips, check the warranty status of your smartphone, and other needs that would need support from the service team.

To learn more about My OPPO, visit the brand's official website.
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