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OnePlus confirms that OxygenOS will stay in OPPO despite the upcoming integration

To recap, OnePlus is deepening its relationship with sister brand OPPO, but it clarifies that OxygenOS will stick around.
File photo: OnePlus 9

OnePlus will continue as an independent brand

A few days ago, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau made a huge announcement in a blog post that the company has plans of merging internal teams with OPPO. Merging their respective RnDs had a positive outcome and both of the mobile manufacturers saw the advantages.

Lau explained that they decided to further integrate the OnePlus organization with OPPO after seeing a positive impact from integrating a number of our teams together with OPPO. This move aims to better streamline operations and capitalize on additional shared resources.

The CEO also responded to a specific question from fans regarding the OxygenOS in OnePlus devices. He directly answered that the brand will remain using the said operating system for the time being. This means that users will continue to get the same Oxygen OS experience with Android 12.

However, its mobile phones sold in China will come with OPPO's ColorOS. They have been doing this practice since 2020. It is clear that OxygenOS will still be the operating system for global OnePlus devices outside of the China market.

This is the second time OnePlus has clarified that OxygenOS remains. On the other hand, the company also promises "faster and more stable" updates. But there are still questions or doubts about that claim since the two OS have completely different Android skins.

According to a source, both companies are yet to introduce the next version of their custom Android skin. It's highly possible that they'll launch their respective Android skin later this year.

Pete Lau also said that the company will remain the same even after partnering with OPPO. He further added,

As for the OnePlus brand–we will continue to operate independently, focused on providing you with the best possible products and experience as we have always done. We will continue launching OnePlus products, holding events (hopefully in person soon), and engaging directly with you for feedback through the same OnePlus channels as before. OnePlus' commitment to you remains the same.

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