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Shopee reveals 4 types of Pinoy shoppers this 7.7 Mid-Year Sale

Shopee conducted a study that revealed four kinds of consumers here in the Philippines based on their motivations for shopping.
Shopee reveals 4 types of Pinoy shoppers this 7.7 Mid-Year Sale
Shopee's recent survey shows the 4 types of Pinoy shoppers

Exciting promos to deliver more value, variety, and fun to all types of shoppers

The e-commerce platform performed a survey with more than 3,000 respondents and it discovered that best deals and pricing is the most important factor for them, answered by 42 percent of this population. In this majority, 71 percent of them are females, aged from 18 to 34 years old.

A new segment of consumers also emerged in this study. They most likely show loyalty to their favored brands online. More than 50 percent of these brand lovers are around 25 years old.

Here are the 4 main types of Filipino online shoppers according to the survey:

1. The Sulit Shopper - The platform said that they are decisive when shopping and often search for the best deals. As mentioned above, 42 percent are Sulit Shoppers. They are patient in hunting and researching about the products. But they also quick to order when they finally find the item they are looking for.

Sulit Shoppers can save money on shipping, discounts, and cashback during the Vouchers Sale on July 6. On the 7.7 sale event, they can tap on the Vouchers button on the Shopee homepage to access good deals.

2. The Shop-and-Go Consumer - There are shoppers who choose to buy their goods online because of convenience. They are called the Shop-and-Go consumers and more than half of them are 30 years old.

For this type of shoppers, they can benefit from the Free Shipping vouchers. They may also appreciate the convenience of ShopeePay.  On ShopeePay Day this July 1, they can enjoy ShopeePay-exclusive rewards, such as free shipping, cashback, and 1 peso deals. 

3. The Budol Shopper - Making up the 14 percent of the responders, the Budol Shoppers are spontaneous ones. They tend to appreciate the variety of products and several options. In comparison to the prior type, this kind of shopper lingers longer on the app to browse. They are also more likely to impulsively check out a product that catches their attention.

During the 7.7 Mid-Year Sale, Budol Shoppers can do a lot of window shopping with the platform's themed days. There will be Home Tech Sale on June 24, a Home and Outdoors Sale on June 25, a Kids and Babies Sale on June 26, and Apparel and Shoes Sale on June 27. Each themed sale offers a huge selection of discounted products from popular categories. 

4.  The Suki Buyer - The 12 percent of the respondents falls into the category of Suki Buyer. This type of shopper always looks for their favorite brands online. Their priority is discovering the best value so they often do not mind splurging for quality buys. They also like accessing perks and loyalty points from brands they follow.

Suki Buyers will have a great time with several brand days coming up on Shopee. There will be RB Super Brand Day until June 23, Vivo Super Brand Day from June 27 to 28, and Olay Super Brand Day from June 28-30. 

All of them are going to offer exclusive deals from well-loved brands on Shopee Mall. Suki Buyers can also get exclusive perks from their favorite brands, such as 30 percent off vouchers at the Shopee Mall Sale this June 29.

So, which type of shopper are you?
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