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Five advantages of using Logitech H150 Headset for work or play

Is the Logitech H150 headset worth your money? 
Five advantages of using Logitech H150 Headset for work or play
Logitech H150 Headset inside the packaging

Affordable headset for your productivity and entertainment?

Being efficient is everything, it’s a huge competitive advantage. But to be efficient, we must invest wisely when setting up a workspace at home. 

We Filipinos truly realize how important this trait is as several professionals experienced remote work during the height of the pandemic. Hunting for good deals is a serious effort for consumers, especially for those who are not techy.

Thankfully, there are brands that offer high-quality headsets with a wallet-friendly price tag. One great example is the easy-to-use analog Logitech H150 Headset. 

Below are some of its features that make it the best companion whether working or relaxing:

Full stereo sound
Full stereo sound

1. Full stereo sound - It's necessary for remote workers to be able to listen clearly during online meetings and conferences. It's a good thing that this Logitech wearable can produce full stereo sound with its 30mm driver. This means that you can enjoy using it for voice and video calls or for watching series on Netflix during breaks.
Noise-canceling microphone
Noise-canceling microphone 

2. Noise-canceling microphone - Noise-cancelling headsets can reduce unwanted ambient sounds by using active noise control as part of the listening experience. Lucky for you, the H150 headset is equipped with basic microphone noise cancellation features paired with NVIDIA broadcaster and in-app AI-noise canceling features.
Soft sponge ear pads for comfort
Soft sponge ear pads for comfort

3. Versatile and functional design - This slim headset flaunts a contemporary design that is a stylish alternative to bulky devices. It will really suit your setup if you're into something clean, minimalist, and space-saving. 

It comes with soft sponge ear pads to ensure comfort during long work hours. Aside from that, it has an adjustable headband that allows you to customize it to your wearing preference.
Basic controls can be accessed on the wire
Basic controls can be accessed on the wire

4. Easy set-up and controls - Just plug your headset into the 3.5 mm input and output jacks on your computer and you're ready to use this headset. It's also nice that it can be easily controlled with a wire for volume adjustment, end call, and mute function.

Moreover, the microphone can be rotated 180 degrees so it can be worn on both sides. According to the brand, it can be flexibly positioned for better lifting and noise reduction. Cool!

5. Affordable price - It’s possible to spend an enormous amount of money on headsets, but Logitech proves you can get an excellent yet cheap one. The H150 headset is not only high quality but it's also packed with functionalities and features mentioned above.

This is available for PHP 790 so it's quite a steal.

For those who are interested, you can order the Logitech H150 Headset through the brand's official flagship store in Lazada. It comes in three different colors: Blue, White, and Pink.

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