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Meet OPPO Enco Buds - Budget TWS buds with low-latency connectivity

Alongside the OPPO Enco Air, the OPPO Enco Buds was also launched last June 2021.
Meet OPPO Enco Buds - Budget TWS buds with low-latency connectivityMeet OPPO Enco Buds - Budget TWS buds with low-latency connectivity
Meet OPPO Enco Buds

This is the more affordable brother to the OPPO Enco Air. It also boasts of 24-hour battery life, intelligent call noise reduction, and low-latency game mode.

Let's see how this OPPO Enco Buds perform! Read on.

Meet OPPO Enco Buds

The TWS earbuds arrive in a white box with the product's render imprinted on the front. The package includes the following: two Enco Buds, a charging case, extra rubber cups in two different sizes, and paper manuals. It lacks USB-A to USB-C cable and wall charger, though.
What's inside?
What's inside?

The case features a glossy finish and is made of polycarbonate material. The same goes for the earbuds but surprisingly, they have a nice grip. I personally like how the case is not a magnet for dirt, this is perfect for those OCs like me. 

OPPO Enco Buds charging case's USB-C port is placed at the back facade just below its hinge. Meanwhile, the LED notification light is placed in the front facade. The OPPO branding is printed on the top of the charging case. 
USB-C port
USB-C port
LED notification light
LED notification light

Even if we open and close the charging case all over again, the hinge is sturdy enough and doesn't feel like breaking in a long while. Note that the charging case can stand on its own since it has a flat bottom design.

Since this is named OPPO Enco Buds, it makes sense that the earbuds don't have a stem in comparison with its pricier brother, OPPO Enco Air. According to OPPO, each Enco Buds weigh only 4 grams only.

Lightweight and ergonomic design!

Each earbud features an ergonomic design and the only way I can describe them is that they're comfortable in the ears. By default, the medium-sized silicone ear tips are placed on each earbud, and personally, they're perfect for my ears.

As mentioned above, there are two extra ear cups—it comes in small and large sizes.
The earbuds with silicone ear tips
The earbuds with silicone ear tips

In terms of charging, we can't really gauge it since there's no in-box wall charger and cable included. But in our experience, using an OPPO smartphone's wall charger and cable takes an hour or less from flat to full. 

On paper, OPPO Enco Buds can be enjoyed for six hours non-stop. And according to OPPO, a 15-minute charge can give a user a fresh hour of playtime. In case you're wondering, this is true in our experience.

OPPO Enco Buds has an open-up auto connect feature. This means that the earbuds can turn themselves on as soon as you open the charging case—leaving the need for a pairing button. This is a personal favorite feature I like and probably for other users, too!
Charging case's flat bottom design
Charging case's flat bottom design

We also like to note that OPPO Enco Buds works for both Android and iOS devices.

In case you've read my quick review for the OPPO Enco Air, we mentioned there that open-designed earbuds are my personal preference.

However, we have to make an exception for OPPO Enco Buds since they perfectly fit my ears despite the presence of ear tips. (yay!)

As expected, it has gratifying isolation although it has no ANC feature, we can safely attribute this to the silicone ear tips. 


1. Tap once - pause music
2. Tap twice - switch songs or answer/end a call
3. Tap thrice - activate the game mode
4. Touch and hold - adjust the volume

It has a sensitive and intuitive touch area and that's one thing I specifically liked about these TWS earbuds.

Both OPPO and other Android users can download the HeyMelody app on Google Play Store to customize the controls according to your preference. 

In terms of audio, OPPO Enco Buds provided deep lows, decent clarity across the spectrum, and nice overall separation. It surprisingly provided a fairly wide soundstage for in-ear earphones for the price too.

The OPPO Enco Buds' 8mm dynamic driver is designed to channel the AAC audio coding. It would have been nicer if it has higher types of wireless audio codec support like aptX HD and LDAC though.

Quite nice for the price!

But overall, these are nice-sounding buds for the price.
Touch area
Touch area

Similar to OPPO Enco Air, this is also packed with DNN (deep neural network) model-based smart algorithm. It simply means that the noise will be silenced and you'll be able to hear people's voices on the other line with clarity and in a natural way wherever you are. 

In our experience, we were able to enjoy this feature both in-game and in voice and video calls.

In just a touch of three taps, I was also able to activate its 80 ms super-low latency Game Mode that gave me a complete audio-visual sync-up. 

The Bluetooth 5.2 didn't let us down in any Android or iOS devices we used. 

OPPO Enco Buds Specs

Drivers: 8mm dynamic drive
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Microphone: -38 dBV/Pa, Deep Neural Network model-based smart algorithm 
Battery: 400mAh (charging case), 40mAh (earbuds)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2 AAC/SBC (up to 10m range)
Others: IP54 dust and water resistance, touch controls, USB-C, Colors: White, Blue
Weight: 45 g (entire device), 4 g (each earbud), 37 g (charging case)
Price: PHP 1,699

Quick thoughts

Budget TWS earbuds with great sound quality
Budget TWS earbuds with great sound quality

Overall, OPPO Enco Buds can compete with wireless earphones that are priced higher than it asks for.

It is also indeed a budget True Wireless Earphones with low-latency connectivity. I was able to enjoy the great sound quality complemented with a clear microphone grade.  

If your pocket's budget is under PHP 2K, then you might want to give OPPO Enco Buds a chance. It's safe for us to say it'll be worth the shot. 

What do you guys think?

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