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PSBank now allows loan payment via ECPay in 7-Eleven stores nationwide

PSBank customers can now pay their loans through an electronic payment service ECPay and 7-Eleven.
PSBank now allows loan payment via ECPay in 7-Eleven stores nationwide
Two convenient ways to pay loans through ECPay

Pay your loans without having to visit a PSBank

Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) has made inked a deal with ECPay so customers can settle their Auto loans, Home loans, Flexi Personal loans, and Business loans. The partnership with ECPay is the banking firm's latest initiative to provide a better customer experience. Bank Senior Vice President & Marketing Group Head Noel Tuazon further explained,

As more Filipinos turn to technology to handle their financial transactions, we are committed to develop new ways for them to manage their finances. By leveraging the reliable technology of ECPay and the ubiquitous presence of 7-Eleven, we are able to reach more customers and make their financial transactions as fast, simple, and reliable as our in-branch and mobile options.

Customers have two options to pay their loans via ECPay at any 7-Eleven branch. The first way is to use the CLiQQ kiosk machine, then select "Bills Payment", tap "Loans" then choose PSBank. They have to encode the following details:  loan account number, mobile number, and the amount due. 

After that, they must simply tap "Confirm" then wait for the machine to generate a barcode. They must present this barcode to the cashier for verification. Once verified, they can hand their payment plus the service fee to the cashier. Lastly, the cashier will issue an electronically generated official receipt that will serve as proof of transaction.

The other option is more suitable for those people on the go. They can use anytime the -Eleven CLiQQ app on their smartphone. With this app, they can do the same steps used on a CLiQQ machine. After that, they just have to drop by a 7-Eleven branch to present the barcode to the cashier and pay the amount due. They will also receive an electronically generated official receipt.

Note that 7-Eleven only accepts payments with loan accounts with active, current, or updated status. Moreover, PSBank clients can pay their loans partially on or before their due date. They may pay up to PHP 10,000 per transaction using the CLiQQ kiosk machine.  They can pay up to PHP 50,000 per transaction via the CLiQQ app. 

Also, remember that any payment made before the 11:30 PM cut-off time on weekdays will be processed and posted to the account within the day. Meanwhile, those settled on weekends or holidays will be posted at the end of the next banking day. Payments can be checked through the transaction history under My Accounts in PSBank Mobile, My Loan Accounts in PSBank Online, or Basic Banking in Business Online Buddy.

 To learn more information regarding loan payments via ECPay, you may click this link.
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