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Meet realme Motion Activated Night Light - Surprisingly useful

realme is continuously growing their portfolio of smart home products by adding the latest Motion Activated Night Light.
Meet realme Motion Activated Night Light - Handy and essential
realme Motion Activated Night Light

Last year, we got the realme Smart Cam 360 and realme M1 Sonic Electronic Toothbrush. Both surprised us with their features at an affordable price and now, we're thrilled to see how this new AIoT device can measure up.

Read on!

Meet realme Motion Activated Night Light

What's inside?
What's inside?

Of course, this won't be a realme product if it doesn't arrive in a box coated with the company's brand-famous color. Inside, we find the product itself, three AAA realme alkaline batteries, and paper manual. 

realme Motion Activated Night Light is a clean white, doughnut-shaped handy product. It sports a minimalist design paired with a magnetic base with an adhesive to stick the Motion Activated Night Light to a surface. 
The device and base
The device and base

I'd also like to note that you can wrap a string around it and hang it according to your preference if you don't want to stick it on a surface. 

The device is made from polycarbonate material that has a sturdy feel to it. I personally love its matte texture making it easy to clean.

Of course, it doesn't have a charging port since it is alkaline battery-powered. According to realme, the Motion Activated Night Light can last up to a year if the device lights up 15 times per day in lowlight mode. 

Can last up to a year?

We can't tell you YET if that's really the case in our experience because we have to wait 365 days to be able to come to that conclusion. (hehe)
Back panel
Back panel

To insert the battery, you simply softly twist its back panel on a counterclockwise direction and voila it's opened! To lock, gently twist on a clockwise direction.

Inside the back panel, you can find the three magnets that sticks the dock to the device, and the brightness adjustment gear.
How it looks like when the base is on
How it looks like when the base is on

When the brightness adjustment gear is veering towards the left, it means it is set in lowlight mode. According to the manual, it is suitable for night lamp, toilets, corridors, bedroom, and children's bedroom.

Something we never knew we needed!

On the other hand, when you slide the brightness adjustment gear to the right side, it is on the brighter mode. The manual says it is suitable for auxiliary lighting, doorway, hallway, wardrobe, wall lamp, and balcony.
Front face
Front face 

In our experience, realme Motion Activated Night Light can light up a small room when in lowlight mode, and can do so in a medium room when in the bright mode. What I personally love about it is that the light it releases doesn't disturb my sister (who sleeps in the same bedroom) whenever I get up in the wee hours to go to the comfort room.  

According to realme, the device emits 2800K warm light with eye protection, doesn't flicker, and doesn't produce harmful blue light. 

realme Motion Activated Night Lights Specs

Color Temperature: 2800K
Battery: Three (3) AAA brand alkaline
Input: 4.5V
Max Sensing Distance: 6 m
Max Sensing Angle: 120 degrees
Others: Motion Detector, Infrared Motion + Photo Sensor
Device Weight: 94 g
Base Weight: 18.5 g
Price: PHP 590
Limited Sale Price: PHP 390 on Shopee and Lazada 7.7 sale

Quick Thoughts

Handy and essential
Handy and essential

realme Motion Activated Night Light is a handy but powerful device at night. In the tune of Ne-Yo, "I never knew I needed" something like this until I was asked to test this device. 

I love how a small product can light up my night literally and can help me save some bruises from tripping in the middle of the night. 

One thing that can be improved is an addition of cool white mode aside from the warm yellow light it emits. I believe it will be useful if this device will be placed in corridors or hallways.

Starting 12AM later, July 07, you can score this device for only PHP 390 instead of its SRP PHP 590 on both Xiaomi Shopee and Lazada flagship stores!

How about you? Do you think that realme Motion Activated Night Light will be useful for your home?

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