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Sony BRAVIA XR X90J 4K HDR TV Review - One of the best you can buy right now

We were recently loaned the 65-inch variant of the new Sony BRAVIA XR X90J 4K HDR TV.
Sony BRAVIA XR X90J 4K HDR TV Review - One of the best you can buy right now
The 65-inch Sony BRAVIA XR X90J

As a quick recap, the new 4K HDR TV offering from Sony features a super slim bezel while sporting a Slim Blade Stand designed for a classy and luxurious look.

The BRAVIA XR X90J also uses Cognitive Processor XR, the company's own technology that makes use of a new processing method "designed to mimic the way human brains think and respond".

There's a lot more about this mid-range 4K HDR TV and we're excited to share our thoughts with you. 


What's inside?
What's inside?

The device arrives in a huge brown box with the following inside: Sony BRAVIA XR X90J (65-inch), two table-top stands, voice remote control, two triple-A batteries, bolts (for mounting TV on the wall), power cable, plug converter, external clips (for cable management) warranty, and paper manual.

It looks like Sony has put everything we would need inside except for a TV wall bracket, I hope they also included one since they included the bolts. 

Build Quality/Design

Sony logo placed under the screen with the indicator light just below it
Sony logo placed under the screen with the indicator light just below it

As mentioned in the introduction, Sony BRAVIA XR X90J features super slim black bezels with a small Sony branding under the screen. It features a plastic backing which makes it fall under the mid-range line. 

The TV is heavy enough for me not to be able to set it up alone. The two-blade stands are slim and look like it won't carry the TV well at first but so far, the television hasn't moved from its position since day one of review. Don't get me wrong though, I love the classy and luxurious feel of the blade TV stand.
Sleek blade stand
Sleek blade stand

It holds the TV in place very well and doesn't need any screw to attach them. All I did was to slot the feet in and it's done.

As soon as we opened the BRAVIA XR X90J, we were greeted with a choice of whether we'd like to set it up as Google TV or simply a basic TV. Of course, we chose the latter, kidding! Sensibly, we chose the first one and followed the instructions on the screen thereafter.
The first step of the setup
The first step of the setup

There's an option to set up the TV on your mobile's Google Home application or type in every information the TV needs from you using the remote control.

They say the first impression lasts. Sony BRAVIA XR X90J got me excited as soon as I unboxed it. It looks very much beautiful and sophisticated, thanks to its all-black design. 

It can perfectly complement any #TeamPuti and other minimalistic homes!

It has a curved back and may stick out a little bit when mounted on the wall. The following are placed on the BRAVIA XR X90J's backside: four HDMI ports (two supports 4K/120, and one is eARC compatible), two USB ports, digital optical audio out, auxiliary, RF tuner, cable/antenna, and ethernet.
Backside ports
Backside ports
AC plug
AC plug

Underside, we find the built-in power button in case you misplaced your remote control. Although the remote control is fairly large for users to lose it. Notably, this new Sony TV ships with the latest voice remote control that comes with a built-in microphone and four shortcut buttons for Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and Disney Plus. I wish there's a shortcut to AppleTV+, though.

Overall, Sony BRAVIA XR X90J's build is an easy pleaser for any viewers who'd like minimalist television with almost no bezel.


Comes with the Cognitive XR Processor
Comes with the Cognitive XR Processor

As mentioned earlier, we are reviewing the 65-inch variant. It has a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 with support for HDR and Dolby Vision. It can hit a peak of brightness at 700 nits. Meanwhile, its sustained brightness is between 550 and 600 nits.

It also features the combination Cognitive XR Processor and XR Triluminous Pro. According to Sony, these allow users to see colors that are natural and beautiful to the human eye. This combination also allows the BRAVIA X90J to access a wider color palette for more accurate color reproduction.

It also has different technologies in play as well such as XR Color, XR Contrast Booster 5, XR HDR Remaster, XR Contrast, 4K 120Hz mode, XR Motion, XR Motion Clarity, and more.
A wide array of entertainment to choose from
A wide array of entertainment to choose from

As soon as I finished setting up the Google TV, I was pleasantly surprised with a cinematic opening of different sceneries as a welcome greeting of the BRAVIA XR X90J. I can only describe that moment as sublime. 

Terrific picture quality!

Any HDR content we played was spot on and colors just pop on this TV. Both the HDR and Dolby Vision look excellent in Sony BRAVIA XR X90J! 

Note the following picture modes of the BRAVIA XR X90J: vivid, standard, cinema, IMAX enhanced, game, graphics, photo, custom, Dolby Vision, Dolby Vision Bright, Dolby Vision Dark, and Netflix calibrated.
Excellent picture quality
Excellent picture quality

There are two types of Dolby Vision in this TV: bright and dark. Notably, it also has an ambient mode that recognizes the light in the room. Sony compensated for the lack of punchiness of colors with bright highlights and impressive picture performance. It also has slightly noticeable glares which can be irksome. 

Meanwhile, FHD works well with the BRAVIA XR X90J. Personally, I like FHD content in Cinema picture settings since it makes the content look the best. The Standard preset on the other hand is good for everyday shows and basic TV viewing. 
4K HDR Smart TV
4K HDR Smart TV

Overall, Sony BRAVIA XR X90J's color reproduction is wonderful—even if it's an LED TV. 

Moving to its audio quality, the BRAVIA XR X90J packs the following: 10W full-range drivers, two sound positioning tweeters on the side, and down-firing woofers.

The new X-Balanced Speaker is a Sony feature that delivers clearer sound with less distortion at high volume. Meanwhile, the tweeters help broaden the soundstage of the TV. Although it makes some compromises on the bass response. 

In any music, movie, or series, we've watched, they all sounded crisp, clear, and solid 3D sound. The Sony BRAVIA XR X90J supports Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos. 

The following are sound modes: standard, dialog, cinema, music, sports, and Dolby Audio.
Solid Sound!
Solid Sound!

In our experience, we love how it offered me a solid sound although it has a flat bass. The TV also detected my position in the setup phase by asking me if it's placed on a table-top or mounted on a wall. It produced a toot sound effect when it enhanced the sound using its acoustic auto-calibration feature. Additionally, this feature detects our position and optimizes the sound accordingly, cool, right? 

Upscaled audio = solid sound!

All in all, Sony BRAVIA XR X90J has one of the most powerful sounds with room for improvement especially in terms of bass.

Of course, we can't forget about one of this television's highlights: the built-in Google Assistant. It features the new Google TV platform which populates the home screen with relevant and recommended content. Note that you can only fully enjoy this when you sign in to your Google account when first setting up the TV.
Pre-installed apps
Pre-installed apps

Google TV also uses a thumbs up or down system the user can use to help it improve its recommendations. In terms of services, the following are what you can find in the Apps section: 
  1. Netflix
  2. Prime Video
  3. AppleTV+
  4. YouTube
  5. Disney+
  6. Sony Select
  7. YouTube Music
  8. Living Decor
  9. Bravia Notifications
  10. Timers & Clocks
  11. Media Player
  12. Music
Meanwhile, K-drama fans, rejoice! We were also able to install Viu, WeTV, iQiyi, and Viki apps on the Sony BRAVIA XR X90J via the Google Play Store. We also like to note that this Sony TV model comes with free trials of Amazon Prime and Viu for 30 days. 

As mentioned, the remote control has a built-in microphone. We were able to access Google Assistant by either pushing the mic icon on the remote or simply saying "Ok, Google" / "Hey, Google". 

Comes with Google Assistant!

It's a nice feature most especially for people like me who hate typing using the remote. Although I hate how Google Assistant hears me saying "AirPlay" as "airplane" and brings me to airplane YouTube videos instead of opening the Apple AirPlay. (insert smiling face with tear emoji) 
Google Assistant feature
Google Assistant feature

Notably, connecting your iOS devices to Sony BRAVIA is a breeze using AirPlay. It can be also accessed via a button with an arrow out the icon on the left side of the mic icon.

Pros - Sophisticated build/design, Cognitive Processor XR, excellent picture quality with upscaling, powerful sound, Google TV, Google Assistant
Cons - Slightly noticeable glares


Display: 65-inch 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution at 68 ppi
CPU: Cognitive XR processor
Speakers: 10W+10W, two tweeters, down-firing woofers, Acoustic Multi-Audio Sound-Positioning Tweeter, X-Balanced Speaker
OS: Android 10
Connectivity: Wi-Fi Certified 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2, USB 2.0, LAN, optical cable, 3x HDMI ports, AV-IN, Antenna, Line Out
Others: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Disney+, AppleTV+, AirPlay, Voice Zoom 2, Google Play Store, Dolby Audio, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, 3D Surround Upscaling, voice search, Google Assistant, Working Voltage: 220V-240 V AC/50-60Hz
Warranty: 2 years
Price: PHP 77,799 (55-inch), PHP 99,999 (65-inch), PHP 166,699 (75-inch)


One of the best money can buy right now
One of the best money can buy right now

The Sony BRAVIA XR X90J is undoubtedly one of the best TV money can buy right now in its price segment.

It's a great home entertainment device with the essential features one looks for in a Smart TV. The BRAVIA XR X90J provides exceptional picture and sound quality for its price paired with the new Google TV interface.

It's also user-friendly and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. If you've been looking for an all-in Smart 4K TV, then you might want to consider any of the three sizes of Sony BRAVIA XR X90J. 

What do you think guys?

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