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Nexplay Tempest Wins Championship at FSL Wild Rift Open III

Nexplay Tempest is a group of Filipina players that had won a Championship at FSL Wild Rift Open III and they did it in a sweeping fashion.
Nexplay Tempest Wins Championship at FSL Wild Rift Open III
Photo from Nexplay Esports

The queens of FSL Wild Rift Open III

The all-female team had a perfect run through the entire tournament which gave them an unparalleled 3-0 victory over Space Gamer Kallyx in the grand finals last Sunday, August 15. It is also their second championship from the league making them back-to-back queens of the game.

The champions got off to a solid start in the competition, sweeping all three of their preliminary matches in 2-0 sweeps to finish first in Group D and qualify for the 16-team playoffs.

The team then wipes out Wild Goddess, BELLETRON ICY, and VEC Fantasy Girl to advance in the best-of-five grand finals. They were met there by Space Gamer Kallyx, a Thai team that gained their spot too in the finals after beating GAIA, GUREN, and Lorem Ipsum.

Nexplay Tempest blitzed through Space Gamer Kallyx with a composition of Corki, Galio, Vi, Nami, and Fiora, securing their first win of the finals in just under 14 minutes with a 15-7 kill advantage.

In-game two, Space Gamer Kallyx put up a better fight, but Nexplay Tempest was able to outlast them with a composition of Vi, Vayne, Lulu, Annie, and Irelia in an 18-minute heated brawl that saw both sides recorded 29 kills to take a commanding 2-0 series lead.

The tenacious Space Gamer Kallyx team had an early lead in game three, but their nemesis Nexplay Tempest used their composition of Xayah, Rakan, Annie, Xin Zhao, and Fiora to progressively strike back at their opponents' lead. Despite their best efforts to extend the game, the Thai team was simply outplayed and had no choice but to relinquish the series sweep after 15 minutes.

With a dominating win in the league, the Champions claimed a grand prize of SGD 250 (around PHP 9.3K). Whereas the Space Gamer Kallyx got an SGD 120 (around PHP 4.4K) as their consolation prize.

The members of Nexplay Tempest are "JEEYA, CHABI, HELL GIRL, ANGELAILAILA, RAYRAY, and STEPHSU".

Via: Yahoo

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