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LG successfully demos 6G data transmission in Berlin

While some players have just started exploring the 5G technology, South Korean giant LG Electronics has successfully demonstrated 6G data transmission in Berlin.
LG successfully demos 6G data transmission in Berlin
LG's 6G data transmission demo in Berlin

6G communication by 2029?

Working with Europe's leading application-oriented research organization Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the company was able to send 6G terahertz wireless communication signals running 100 meters in an outdoor environment last week.

LG, still in partnership with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, said they developed a power amplifier to deliver stable communication signals at the 6G terahertz spectrum.

The group has been exploring ways to prop up its adoption of newer wireless technologies. 

LG sees the 6G communication to be available in the market by 2029. Talks for standardization, meanwhile, are expected to begin four years from now.

The South Korean company said consumers can expect faster data speed, lower latency, and higher reliability than 5G once the 6G technology has been rolled out.

In 2019, LG established a 6G research center with KAIST. Last year, it also inked an agreement with the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science to study 6G technologies.

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